Tuesday 22 May 2012

Stormy May Bee Block

Month three of Stash Bee and I am having fun making these different blocks. This month's block is heading to Texas!

To make this block I picked stormy palette of greys, blacks and whites with a burst of Blue.
To make a 10 1/2" Block, I started by cutting 2.5" squares from my selection of six fabrics, that laid them out 5x5.
Then it was time to make the wonky star points. I took one of the 2.5" blue squares and laid it on top of the grey prints (right sides together). I sewed a 1/4" seam, flipped it over, and pressed it flat.

Repeat with a second square.
When both sides are sewn and pressed, flip the block over to the back and trim excess
The wonky part is easy, just don't be rigid about where you sew your blue blocks to the grey prints, mix it up (close or farther away from the corner) and you will have different sized points. Once all four of the star burst points are sewn, line them up and begin sewing all of the 2.5" blocks together. The end result is your stormy sky!
Are you in a Bee? Tell me all about it!

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  1. this is such a fun block! i haven't seen it done before. i'm kind of tired of making wonky stars, but i still love how they look. i'll have to keep this in mind once enough time has passed to let me recover from my wonky star overdose!

    i'm in two bees, one an improv bee specifically canadian, the unscripted bee, and one where all but one of us are canadian, called the fab bee. i've been thinking lately that it would be fun to do a shorter term bee - 20 months like the one you're in sounds so overwhelming!

    1. I hear you about the 20 month Bee Amy. Stash Bee is my first time in a Bee and I think my month is a year and half away! Sometime I would like to get in a smaller one as well. Even twelve months might be fun.