Thursday, 25 June 2015

TGIFF! The Pillow Edition

Well hello! So nice to see you, or if you are a new visitor...Welcome! I am so pleased to be hosting TGIFF! this week because I actually finished something! It is small something, but it still counts right?

This wee finish started off with a swap call. My sweet Maritime Modern Quilt Guild is swapping pillows with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild. Can I tell you how fun it is to participate in these types of swaps? I just love seeing what folks come up with.

Anywho, I knew right away that I was in the mood for some Paper Piecing and I just love the Block Rock'n Free PP Block Series that Julie did over at 627Handworks. But first things first was the fabric pull. I wanted text and solids and low and behold I opened my Kona box and found my May Kona Club Picks from Aimee at Candy Coated Quilts. Aimee and her husband have started a Kona Club for our MMQG members and their picks are just perfect! I cannot tell you what the text print is, completely forget, but for the back I went with some Essex Linen.

The Block Rock'n pattern I chose was Icky Thump. I have had this pattern earmarked for quite some time, so glad to get at it! Here is one piece of puzzle. Sweet!

And the finished Product! I had a VERY hard time separating myself from this pillow. I love the pop of color, the text, everything! I kept to simple straight line quilting and that totally worked too. I hope my swap mate in Edmonton will love it as much as I do.

In other pillow finish news - I have somehow gotten myself into a little niche of making Flag pillows. I guess the Union Jacks and Canadian Pillows got folks ideas flowing. So this month I also finished two custom orders:

USA and Acadian Flags

Scotland and Barbados

These flag pillow are fun to make!

So that's me for this TGIFF! Now it's time to see what YOU have been up to... Link up those fabulous finishes here and don't forget to tour the other finishes and spread the comment love!

Many thanks to M-R of Quilt Matters and Laura of Quokka Quilts for creating TGIFF! It certainly keeps me focused on getting those UFOs done!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

TGIFF! Don't Miss It!

I am so happy that this week I will be hosting Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday!

Get those finishes ready ladies and gents, and drop back in on Friday to link up and get inspired!

See you at the party!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Chevron Love

Since the whales left me I have been working away on my next class sample for Patch Halifax.

I do love the Plus quilt, but was looking forward to a new pattern! And, if you can believe it, this is my first ever chevron quilt and it was always on my to do list. So I started of course making HSTs. I got to try out this new ruler, pretty sweet.

Having all the lines marked I was set for a day of sewing at my Guild's Sew In. My kit, ready to go.

I got then all trimmed up and the first part of the top done! Good sewing day! And GREAT company!

Today I wasted no time in finishing the top

Piecing a back and making some binding

And then of course, quilting and binding. Can I just say that my new Janome is what I always thought home quilting could be like. There is just so much room, the stitch is lovely, it's quiet and fast. I actually looked forward to quilting today. That almost NEVER happens!

And then we had a finished quilt! I love the colors that Chris chose for this class sample. They ended up so happy and sunny together. The perfect thing for a start of summer class.

Didn't expect that Purple did ya? Me neither but it totally works!

Well, this was a fun little lovely to make. I wonder who will come and learn to make it with me?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Finish. True Story.

That's right folks, I have actually sewn something together! It feels good. My sewing mojo has been on hiatus lately, and I'm pretty annoyed that it did not take me with it. But I still have quite a few deadlines. So while I don't really feel like it, I am still hitting the machine on occasion.

But I must say that this little whale of a finish has made my quilty mojo shine just a bit brighter.

This is of course Preppy The Whale from Elizabeth Hartman. The woman is a genius really.

um yeah - I call this SUPER-CRINKLE.
Kona, wave stitch on the new Bernina, a good wash and voila! SUPER-CRINKLE

I must admit that I tried to somehow make fewer whales for a baby version of this quilt. I played with the sashing (making it bigger), but in the end made the number of whales the pattern called for and ended up with a BIG baby quilt. Ah well, I still love it and the wee babe will be able to grow into it.

You see, this quilt is on it's way to Ottawa for the first grandbaby of a colleague. And so, not only because they are whales, but also because its forever home would be inland, I thought this quilt needed to go to the ocean for it's photo shoot.

I happened to be on a trip again to Nova Scotia's South Shore, so to Yarmouth the whales swam. To the Cape Forchu Lighthouse to hang out. Oh I had so many plans for lighthouse/ ocean pics. And I will say that I got a few good ones. But I had BIG plans! And then, well, there were some flip flops, some sunset dampened spring grass, and a slight hill. The rest involved me crawling to my car thinking "why is quilting so dangerous?!"

So even though I have a bit of a limp, which frankly makes cocktail spilling more of a reality, I am really happy still with the photo-finish for these adorable whales. I kind of want to make some for myself now...

Have you tried any of Elizabeth Hartman's animal patterns? Having now done Hazel Hedgehog and these whales, I can say they are great patterns. I mean there are some friggin baby small pieces to deal with in some spots, but it all works!

Anywho, this post / pics have got me all inspired again. Maybe I will go up to my room and touch some fabric. Gotta get ready for Saturday's Sew In with MMQG! I know I will find inspiration there.

I am linking up with TGIFF! this week - because I actually finished something! Woot Woot!

Monday, 18 May 2015

A Winner!

Did you think I forgot you? Well I kind of did:( I have been very busy partying. That seems like a good excuse as any:) I was partying to celebrate a milestone Birthday. It starts with an F and sounds like quarty.

Anywho, without further ado...the winner of the Fat Quarter Bundle from the Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop is...

Lucky #17 from Random generator Guy. (I have yet to figure out how to paste a picture of the number generator in the blog - tutorials welcome!)

17. Heather J6 May 2015 at 15:51
What a story photographing your quilts! I had to he opportunity to test a pattern for a NZ blogger and I chose to do the king size. What I failed to consider was how to photograph this on my own! So I clamped the quilt top to the balcony railing and took a ladder out to the back yard to take the photos to have a front facing view in addition to some with it on my bed.

So here is a funny and yet delightful twist.... this comment was left at the beginning of a wonderful conversation between Heather and I about MMQG. An Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild Member, Heather now lives in PEI and is missing her people. So Heather is not only the newest member of MMQG, but also our PEI Leader! Soon there will be a chapter of MMQG on the Island. Look out Maritimes...we are growing!

So I think Random Generator Guy is telling me something... good things are happening for MMQG!

Congratulations Heather! Fabric winnings coming you way!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop - It's Not Too Late!

Have you been hopping along? I have and there are some fabulous quilty ladies out there! There is still time to catch up and follow along!

See you there!

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And if you would like to know more about MMQG - please visit us at our Blog or on Facebook!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop & A Giveaway!

Well hello there! Welcome to day two of the Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop!

I am so pleased and proud (super duper proud even) to have an opportunity for you to meet some of the amazing members of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. We are forty strong and I am continually impressed by the skill, passion and just plain niceness of the folks in our amazing little guild.

I started the Guild back in 2013 because I needed to find my people - like minded folks who cut up fabric and put it back together in some sort of modern way. I found them! It is an absolute Joy being the President as we have found our way from a half a dozen ladies who came together on a stormy night to today where we are continually learning and inspiring each other. We truly do have a modern community now in Good Ol' Nova Scotia, one which I know will continue to grow!

So, something about me...I think I will let you get to know me through a little story. This happened yesterday....

I am a Project Manager by day, a quilty addict by night. I travel quite a bit for my day job and lately I have had the good fortune to travel to every nook and cranny of my home Province. Of course while I am driving around I am constantly on the look out for quilt photo opportunities. Do you do this? Fact - no quilt is truly finished until it has had it's photo shoot!

Besides my day job I have also journeyed into the world of teaching this year, teaching beginner quilting classes at our LQS Patch Halifax. These two plus baby quilts are samples that I sewed along with my students, they are also earmarked for two very special babies-on-the-way. Fact - several years ago I was paralyzed with fear at the though of public speaking and teaching was something unattainable. Nowadays - people cannot shut me up! In fact if you take me to Karaoke you will have to tear the microphone out of my hand!

I saw this amazing old wooden building, peeling and a little neglected, and immediately knew it would make a great backdrop for these little quilts. I made a quick U-turn -  Fact - I rarely follow speed limits - and pulled in and started scouting the area.

Duct tape in hand, quilts are on the side of the building in a heartbeat...and then a pick up truck pulls up. Apparently the building is not abandoned! AND I am trespassing...the house across the road is friends of the owners and they call and report me! Fact - I love to break the rules! I put on the smile,  and talk my way into finishing my photo-shoot. Truck pulls away.

you are welcome for the squinty face reflection!

Start snapping again - clearly not noticing that every picture has a reflection in the window not of the beautiful country side but of my car with the trunk open and sometimes even me squinting! Fact - I am not an award winning photographer. Pick Up Truck number two pulls up! This is the husband of the woman who stopped the first time. He informs me I am trespassing and I again turn on the charm - Fact - I am charming (oh and modest) - and instead of kicking me off the property we talk quilts and I think I may even have a new custom order coming! Fact - I just bought a shiny new Janome 8900 and have deemed myself a sweatshop until it is paid for.

So now that I have trespassed, taken pictures and broken some driving laws I throw the quilts into the back seat and realize Charlie(my dog) - Fact - I am the mother of three fur babies - has left mud everywhere and now quilts need to be washed - AGAIN.

So, there it is, a day (well an hour anyway) in the life of me. I wonder how many rules I will break today? Cannot wait!

Enough about me, let's do something really fun - giveaway some fabric! I have this wee bundle of Fat Quarters to give away to one lucky reader. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment - anything at all - but it would be fun to hear about your quilt photo-shoot adventures. Draw is open to the whole universe until Friday, May 15th at midnight Atlantic Time.

I hope you will continue to hop along with us! Tomorrow Tracy will be quilting it up on the Dark Side!

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And if you would like to know more about MMQG - please visit us at our Blog or on Facebook!

Happy Quilting!