Thursday 14 September 2017

Culling the Herd: a finished QAYG Quilt

Hi, my name is Adrienne and I hoard fabric. Not all fabric, but you know, the "special" stuff. That certain designer you love, or a favorite line that you bought (maybe several years ago) that you just can't bear to cut into. If you cut it, it's gone right?!

Well this year, in the continued effort to sew from my stash, I decided it was time to cull the herd, finally cut into those treasured piles. First up, my Anna Maria Horner stash... which I've been collecting for quite a while now.

I always had a plan for this collection, a Quilt As You Go Herringbone quilt from the Maureen Cracknell tutorial. If you are regular visitor here you know I love incorporating QAYG into my projects. Its just so much easier to quilt big items when you break them down into smaller sections.

So I started cutting into my AMH stash and planned to work on the quilt at the MMQG Retreat this April at White Point Beach Resort. I did not take any other projects, just this one, I was on a mission!
My quilty friend Linda under the rainbow at White Point. she really is a pot of gold! (corny alert! but so true)

I was planning to make a king sized quilt to fit my very own bed! I got to about queen size at the retreat and then I ran out of fabric, I had lots of wee scraps left, but at this point I think I liked the quilt just the size it was (plus my guest room could use some quilt love too!).

The other thing that deterred my from going any bigger was the wonkiness I ran into while making the quilt. I think part of the issue was I was trying to go too big at once. Those LONG columns of batting my not have been the straightest and the angles of my herring bones may have gotten a tad off track as I moved down the columns. So if you examine it too close it is a bit of a hot mess, but it's MY hot mess :)
In the end I am still happy with this quilt. I am a bit sad that I did not get to King sized, because my bed at home is still naked, but it turns out that there is always another quilt to make. always need a wet dog to help with photos... clearly my hubby in the background was not much help!
So, while the guest room is now looking rather spiffy, my bed....still naked....
Come back next week to see how I fixed this problem and my treasured Leah Duncan collection get the cut!

Do you have a "special" stash you cannot bring yourself to use?



  1. What a fantastic time we had at White Point. You did an amazing job wrangling this quilt. It turned out so perfect! Lurve it so much! So great to have all your fave fabrics in one place. I need to do something like this with all my Kaffe's

  2. I saw this quilt on IG and had to get a few more looks at it...sure glad I did! Who cares about wonkiness? This quilt is glorious with all the Anna favorite fabrics herringboned into strips. I think with all the color, the "wonky" is well disguised. Your guest bedroom is very lucky, as are the guests who will visit!

  3. Kudos on a lovely quilt and a great story. Those boys of yours made me smile! LOL

  4. Beautiful!!! Lucky visitors to sleep under that quilt. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. No hot mess at all! Who would possibly be looking for any wonkiness, if it's hidden in all that GORGEOUS AMH fabric?? I'm so glad you used your precious stash for this and will have in your own home to love every day :)

  6. Wonkiness just adds to the fun of those fabrics and that pattern. It's a winner in my book!

  7. I do like the herringbone. Now your guest room is all set.