Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Kriss Kross

And now...Kriss Kross! I love this quilt. The stripes, the Kona Punch, the 40 Weight Pink quilting. All. Of. It.

Suzy Quilts is the mastermind behind this pattern. I have a lot of her patterns waiting in the wings to be made. They look complicated, but they are relativity easy to make. Genius!

The pattern photo used a pink print and stripes so I do feel like I used no creativity at all, but the reality is, I had these stripes sitting in my stash, and in the continued effort to actually use my stash they were just perfect for this project. And I currently have an obsession with pinky colors so chose Kona Punch to go with, which was also in my stash. Some Kona Black and Snow and I was all set!

Block construction took some time as this was a project I pulled out in between other things of more priority - you know the ones - the gifts and items that make moolah! 

When I started basting, the love really set in. I have had questions about how I lined up all those stripes. I did notthing different, just cut and pieced as per pattern and it turned out like this!

I chose a heavier 40 weight Aurifil (sorry, the spool is gone and I did not take note of the color) to quilt with. I like how it stands out. I was thinking of doing FMQ on this baby, but frankly with all those stripes there was already a lot going on, so straight reliable lines it was.

More Punch on the binding, because you can never have too much...

And for the back I found this perfect tone on tone print at a store closing sale. Sad that the store closed, but some real steals on lots of meters for backing...

I made the lap size version of the pattern, but I could see this in something bigger as well. Someday...

Do you have a current color obsession? I am traditionally a blue/ green girl, but man I cannot get enough of the pinks these days.

I'll be back with more finishes! Stay tuned...


  1. Great pattern. The Punch makes it all pop. Well done.

  2. I love the little black and white strips .... it really give great movement to the piece

  3. Love the strips, the pink and the whole quilt. Beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. It's so punchy!! It reminds me of Good N Plenty candies, remember those? The 40 weight quilting is perfect :)

  5. Superfinish and the stripes are awesome! 😍

  6. Love, love, love! I adore the pink! And your quilting with the 40wt is awesome.

  7. That is a crazy cool quilt!

  8. Gosh, that's pretty! You must have been very pleased!