Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Design Wall Cometh

I had a whole plan to "unveil" my completed new sewing room all at one time, but I could. not. wait. to show you my new design wall!

I have been scouting tutorials for a while now, and put this together over the weekend. Luckily I had a perfect big wall for it. It is 80" square! I started at Home Depot where a nice guy cut some Styrofoam sheets down to my desired length. The sheets came in 2 ft strips so I needed three to cover the space.

 I put the three panel together using Velcro and then laid the unit down on top of quilt bat.

Then it was time for some fancy duct taping. I mean a real professional would have made sure all of this was straight and beautiful. But it was Saturday night, I was drinking beer and I REALLY wanted to put some quilt blocks on it! Besides, no one is going to see the back...

An extra nicey about this wall is that I know this smiling guy is under there. I love the Pink Panther movies - hilarious!

The other nicey about this project was my helper

Once all was taped and nice and tight across the front I simply nailed that sucker to the wall. I made sure to use a nail with a wide cap so that it would not work it's way through the foam. Within one minute of it being up, WIPs hit the wall!

On the left are the amazing blocks from my ModQImprov Bee mates, an Orb block that is hoping to be a pillow and the first four blocks from the Sugar Block Club BoM.

Well, that's it! I just could not wait to share. This piece of foam and batting makes me so happy! That is all.
What is the happiest thing in your sewing space?

Happy Tuesday


  1. So cool. I love seeing the room come about as a work in progress. It means instead of getting overwhelmed by the whole thing, we get to see all the little ideas (and how to do them)that go into making a great sewing space. Post MORE!

  2. love, love, love your improv blocks, and your sugar block club blocks! great wall!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. So cool!!! I've been wanting to make one too. Thanks for the info on how you did it! Your blocks are lovely as well.

  4. Um, slightly jealous over here... that's way nicer than my ghetto dollar store tablecloths that are stapled to the wall!

  5. Wow...my design wall is still folded up in my closet. Love the fact that you have a place for yours. Blocks are great, too!