Sunday 1 September 2013

New Jersey Quilty Treasure

It has been a big week at our house. My Husband, after much packing at our house in the Catskills, has arrived here in Nova Scotia (with more boxes than I care to talk about...) for good! We will be married five years this year, but this marks the first time we have lived together full-time. Weird. Good weird.

During breaks from the unpacking I have been running up to the studio to sort through the treasures that Max brought me. Some I had ordered and sent to our address in the US (hello! way cheaper than Canadian prices and shipping!) and some had come to me from Max's Grandmother in New Jersey.Max was all like :Mom sent your a bag of quilting stuff again." and I got all excited. Of course is is a quilter and she had previously sent me a little care package with mats, rules, and some amazing quilting books!

This time, the mother load! Every morsel that I pulled out of the giant garbage bag was a surprise and joy. I spent the entire evening pouring over every single piece. The first thing I noticed was that she had individual projects all sorted in their baggies. So cool to know that she and I have the same habits.

Then there were some tools, rulers and frames.She even sent along tons of batting bits and foundation square.

Then,the fabric! Clearly not sorted, but I just could not wait for that to take the picture ;)

Then I was so happy to find some orphaned blocks and a bunch of pre-cut piecing.

Then, I found this - hand appliqued loveliness! Check out the adorable sketched face just waiting to get stitched

But then, I found and other two blocks that I laughed out loud at (with joy of course). Appliqued Canadian Geese. I just think these devils personify the US/Canadian family connections perfectly! I can tell you with certainty that the unfinished one is going to be in a pillow very very soon.

What was cool also was that I found the tag that tells me Edith stitched these geese in 1999. A great keepsake with the block.

I am completely tickled by all of these treasures. I am loving the connections that quilting can build  between so many people. OK, enough sappy! time to get going, I have a whole floor piled with fabric looking for ironing and folding. It is going to be another fun evening!

Oh crap! I forgot to tell you about my new US contraband! Here they are... my new Sew Steady machine extension table and my new sewing table...

And, or course some fabric... Yellows from Stash Stack Club, and A FQ Stack of Nordika.

and some new tools! I cannot tell you the last time I bought myself some scissors or rotary cutter. So, a little splurge. Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors and the Olfa Splash!

OK, now I'm going...


  1. Congratulations are your domestic adjustment :) I have the same sew steady extension table - ordered through my local sewing store - and the Olfa Splash too.What a great haul from your MIL. Love the geese and the drawn-on applique face.

  2. Truly the motherload of quilty goodness! All that fabric. I don't know how you dragged yourself away from it to write a blog post! Would you stop already with the quilt-y kismet though... I was admiring the Olfa Splash in a quilt mag this week!

  3. Congrats on the new living arrangements! Hope you both get settled in nicely! Love all the goodies displayed in this post. And congrats on the Splash.... I just bought myself one this past week!

  4. Wow, you hit the jackpot twice, your husband close and a great load of goodies! :)

  5. OMG the motherload indeed!! Such an exciting weekend for you :) Have you talked about the reasons you and you husband have never lived together? I have the ultimate respect for couples who do the long distance thing!

  6. So beautiful! This must have been really exciting

  7. Last I checked, it is only Sept!! Looks like Christmas came early to your place. Such wonderful treasures. Have fun!!

  8. Hi, there. I'm a friend of Jenn. Were you tempted to jump in the pile of fabric? Like a pile of leaves? LOL What fun you'll have going through all your new things. Enjoy.