Tuesday 25 November 2014

Something Is Missing...

Anyone else miss the Linky Party for the Library Project for November? I did!

Dear lord I seriously just forgot, and I NEVER forget (or I try not to). Not even my super-duper organizational skills seemed to help me this month. I am a Project Manager by day people, this is just downright embarrassing.

So, without ongoing groveling, I am just going to say that I am so sorry to the regular participants of The Library Project for missing this month.

On to the positive! This means that our December wrap up of TLP will be extra special. And by that I mean more prizes! We will have two draws:

Draw 1 -  $50 gift card from Fat Quarter Shop

Draw 2 -  $75 gift card from Mad About Patchwork

So how can you win?
All year long I have been keeping track of how many months each participant has linked up with their projects. For every month you linked up (and I will include your December link up) this will count towards one chance to win the Grand Prizes e.g. if you linked up six times this year you will have six chances to win!

So, hopefully all of this good news can help you to forgive my forgetfulness this month!

The December Link Up will open on December 12th and will close on December 19th. For our final link up I think it might be fun to look back on what you have finished or worked on in relation to TLP throughout the year, or you can just tell us about what you have still going on.

Forever yours, Miss Forgetful


  1. OMG Girl! Don't fret one little bit. We are all crazy busy. Even us old retired dolls!
    I missed October's link up and I still can't believe it. It's all about fun, right!

  2. I second Linda. Things get busy. No worries :) We'll just catch up in Dec ;)

  3. Ha! Missed it too! I'm blaming Christmas sewing and swap deadlines!

  4. Life happens. I thought I was off track....I was even ready with my post on time.