Sunday 11 January 2015

Sunday Stash - You said how much fabric...!?

I am not usually a Sunday Stasher, but I did a clean up of my sewing space over the holidays and holy I just had to share the goodness that has made it into the stash over the last probably six months.

You see when new stuff comes in, it goes in a big pile, sometimes I forget what's there! Oops! So when you clean up you find some nice these...

A cute stack of new Kona colors. This stack was a prize win from this Year's  Sew Sisters Blogathon Canada. Sweet!

Alison Glass Sun Print X and +

Leah Duncan Maya

Zen Chic Sphere

A Curated Bundle from Mad About Patchwork. I love their monthly picks!

Another curated bundle from Mad About Patchwork - this one already got pillaged for a Christmas project, it had some other great blues and oranges.

Nurture from Charley Harper. I had to get a piece of this when I dropped into Patch Halifax. those wee eggs kill me! So Cute!

Some Cotton and Steel lovelies

I have next year's Christmas prezzie plans for these


And last but not prized possession right now..Alison Glass Handcrafted. Your need to touch these fabrics. Amazing!

Ok, so I may have a fabric problem. But it's not really a problem when you love it right?!
How is your stash shaping up this year?

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  1. There will be some amazing quilts coming out of your studio this year!

  2. beautiful!! I'd have such a hard time deciding how to cut these up. Those penguins!!! They need to be a border and stick together! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. That's a lot of Sunday Stash....great collection...have fun playing with it all.

  4. Holy smokes, Ade! You might need an intervention! Just kidding... fabric makes us happy, so why not? Let me know if you need to hide some at my house... though I can't guarantee I won't succumb and use a few snippets! There's some great stuff in there!

  5. Fabulous.Have fun playing with them!!

  6. I would love to get my hands on some Handcrafted fabrics....

  7. lots of happy fabrics in there!

  8. I love all the pretty fabrics! I have the Zen Chic Sphere bundle as well! I did a bit of stash shopping after Christmas. A Sometset Jelly Roll, Bluebird Park Lamp Post fabric and a few other purchases. Not too many though :) I love reorganizing my sewing room, you get to see all the pretty fabrics that you forgot you purchased :)

  9. Lovely bunch of fabric. It's like xmas all over when you tidy up you stash.

  10. Fabrics are fabulous! I think I need you to be my personal shopper!

  11. Every single piece of that gorgeousness is...well...gorgeous!