Sunday 24 May 2015

Chevron Love

Since the whales left me I have been working away on my next class sample for Patch Halifax.

I do love the Plus quilt, but was looking forward to a new pattern! And, if you can believe it, this is my first ever chevron quilt and it was always on my to do list. So I started of course making HSTs. I got to try out this new ruler, pretty sweet.

Having all the lines marked I was set for a day of sewing at my Guild's Sew In. My kit, ready to go.

I got then all trimmed up and the first part of the top done! Good sewing day! And GREAT company!

Today I wasted no time in finishing the top

Piecing a back and making some binding

And then of course, quilting and binding. Can I just say that my new Janome is what I always thought home quilting could be like. There is just so much room, the stitch is lovely, it's quiet and fast. I actually looked forward to quilting today. That almost NEVER happens!

And then we had a finished quilt! I love the colors that Chris chose for this class sample. They ended up so happy and sunny together. The perfect thing for a start of summer class.

Didn't expect that Purple did ya? Me neither but it totally works!

Well, this was a fun little lovely to make. I wonder who will come and learn to make it with me?


  1. Complete success! Looks awesome, Adrienne. Would have never chosen these colours either, but Chris was right! And, wow, that was FAST. Last thing... Where did you get the nifty ruler?

  2. Oh yes, I love it! And, PURPLE!!!
    I loves me some purple.... great choice!
    That's a great little ruler, I grabbed mine at Avonport.

  3. Great finish. I hope you have fun teaching this.

  4. Love the colors! I never would have thought to put them together either, but they just work. I'll have to keep that color scheme in mind for future projects. :)

  5. It turned out just perfect! Amazing backing!

  6. Lovely! Your class will love making this. Colours are great - I have such a problem with getting a nice colour scheme. This is very nice. :)

  7. Love the colours you chose for this quilt!

  8. This turned out very nicely! Isn't it funny what happens when you work with fabrics that someone else chooses? Love that CF binding!