Saturday 13 October 2012

Getting Creativ

Yes people I can spell...but I am trying to be clever here, bear with me. Today I had to come to Toronto for work, so I took advantage of being in the big city and went to the Creativ Festival.

Here's the thing - I hale from Halifax Nova Scotia, population 300,000. I currently live in Ottawa Ontario, population 900,000. Today driving in Toronto I had to deal with 2.6 million people. OK, so maybe not all 2.6, but a friggin lot of them were in cars, in traffic. Bottom line of this little numbers lesson - I never want to permanently live in a big city, too many people.

                              these are all new buildings downtown to house ALL of the people...

But I did have a good time at the Festival. Of course, the best fun was buying some new fabric. Mad About Patchwork was there with all kinds of goodies...

I treated myself to a half-yard bundle of Bella by Lotta Jansdotter. If you have not seen this yet, you are going to want some... so pretty, clean and a little Swedish!

Also, could not help getting a couple (OK, maybe 13) FQs of Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee. Just plain lovely.

and... my dirty secret, I find it hard to leave a craft show without a piece of jewellery. I was trying to be strong this time, but I happened upon Dotti Potts Clay Design & Pottery and bought this adorable pendant. Cute right!?

So I am going to be away from the sewing machine for a whole week, but I was determined not to get behind on my postage stamp project. So while my hotel room usually looks like this...

                             Process mapping madness

This week it looks like this

                               Cutting station!

Here's to travelling quilt projects! What do you do with your projects when you are away from home, leave them home alone or take them with you?

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  1. Soooooo jealous- ok, maybe not the working in TO part but the fabric!!!!!!

  2. I am petting the fabric now. I realllyyyy like it!