Tuesday 25 December 2012

It's Christmas!

The snugly day has arrived. Perhaps I was a bear in a previous life, but I am so down with hibernating once snow touches the ground. Christmas Day is the best day to snuggle inside, by the tree and your hubby, play with your new toys and maybe watch some Christmas themed movies. My hubby and I are not feeling 100% today, so looks like we are going to miss Christmas dinner. But we are nevertheless snugly on the couch soaking up Christmas goodness. Here is a peek inside our house...

The Tree - I am trying glass ornaments this year. Was not sure about our wee Penny (kitty kat) the last couple of years, but she seems to leave the tree alone. Well except for last night when she tried to eat the garland...

The Food - I make this sinful Bacon, Potato and Cheddar tart each year, and only once a year. It will likely kill you, but it is sooooooo goooooooood. If you want to make it yourself, here is the recipe.

The Kids - We are blessed with three "kids", Sally (dog), The Orange Cat (self explanatory), and Penny (kitty). When Orangie wants to be loved, he makes his presence known, even if you are trying to play computer. Sally has been guarding the tree...and the presents.

The Husband - This is Max in all of his glory on  Christmas morning. Each time he got a new piece of clothing, he would strip off the old and put on the new. He is looking decidedly Canadian with the cammo hat, elk jammies, and of course the t-shirt. I feel it is my duty to remind him of the Canadian part of his dual-citizenship.  

The Inspiration - My friend Jenn broke out some ribbon  candy last night in memory of her grandmother (who always had it out for the kids). I am not sure how yet, but this feels like a quilt pattern to me...

The Us - A terrible picture (snarling Max and all), but somehow I like it. My new year's resolution is to actually take more pictures of us together (which will make the new camera lens that was under the tree this morning very handy). We have one picture from when we were 15 years old, our wedding picture and then this one. Not good! It will be a fun resolution at least. 

So that's my house at Christmas. 

Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and a Creative Quilty New Year!

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