Wednesday 6 March 2013

WiP Wednesday: Half a Squint

Wednesday again, it's funny how they come every week! This week I have been focusing on my latest project: Squint. Now I just came up with this name, and I am not sure if I love it or not, and yet, each time I say it in my head I like it more and more. Why Squint you ask? Because every time you look at this quilt, and maybe give a little squint, you see more and more patterns. I love this! It gives the quilt a lot of movement.


As you can see, I have also titled this post Half a Squint because I only have half of the top done :)I have a story about this, but I will get to that later.

First I must say that this quilt is a shameful copy of Pantone Pop designed by the amazing Katie Pedersen. I have been in love with her quilt since I first saw it, and vowed that I must have one. So yeah, I ordered the same fabrics and here we are today. I hope Katie knows that in my world, copying is the greatest form of compliment that I can give!

So to get to half a top, I spent several days creating the Half Square Triangles that  were needed for the design. If you know anything at all about HSTs, you know there are a lot of steps to get to the finished product. If you are new to HSTs they are made by a lot of this:


 and this

The result is nearly 400 3 1/2 inch HSTs. Phew!

So here is the story about the half a top. I am known to throw up a design wall when I need one. Have flannel sheet and tacks, will travel. I did just that yesterday and started laying out my HSTs.

Great right?! Sure, but I did run into a problem. Said design wall created a delicious pile of fabric on the floor. 

This pool of fun was just too much for my cat Penny to ignore. I woke up in the morning to pouncing,  pawing and half of my design on the floor. Flannel is "sticky", but Velcro it is not. So after some squirts of spray bottle Penny was convinced that the fabric on the floor was actually no fun at all, and I decided that perhaps I should cut my loses and sew together the half left on the wall before moving on. Of course ideally you want to put your whole quilt up on the design wall, but this pattern is very forgiving, so I am not worried.

I did not get a Chance to photograph Penney messing up my stuff (too busy running for squirt bottle) but here she is in a calmer moment. Don't let the curtness fool you, it is all part of her evil plan to control the universe.

Over the next week, Squint will continue and of course I have other projects still on the list:


  • Postage Stamps: DONE
  • Foreign Currency: DONE
  • Squint: Top half done
  • Ascend: Cutting started
  • Baby Quilt for a friend: Not started
  • Flower Chain: Not started
  • UFO Bento Box: Top and back done, needs quilting
  • UFO Happy Retro: Top half done

Well I have said a lot. Time to close my yap and get back to the design wall. Need to keep an eye on that cat. Do you have pet issues that make your quilting "fun"? Would love to hear about them.

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  1. Love the colours. You have more patience than me with all those very precise triangles.
    When i first saw the pic, thought, what a great idea for a door panel....hmmmmmm

  2. Thanks Barb. For sure I am having a love hate relationship with the HSTs. I love how they look, but think after this project I need a break from them. I know about the door right! I was just looking for an indoor photo spot (snowing again outside), but I kind of like the panel on the door....

  3. Ooh, this is lovely! I have a love-hate relationship with HSTs too! Every time I finish a bunch of them, I swear I'm taking a long break, but inevitably, I come right back to them. Squint is fun though, and it's great example of why HSTs are so awesome!

  4. This is crazy pretty! I love me an HST quilt the end product is so worth the trouble.

  5. Oh those colors! <3 And HST! So great. I am over due to make another hst quilt, it's been nearly two years.

  6. I LOVE where this is going-those colors are perfect!! Your cat Penney reminds me why I keep telling my girls we're not getting a kitten, that is exactly my fear! :-) She is pretty cute though, you can't stay mad for long....