Friday 28 June 2013

Picking Fabric & New Hop Stops

Guess what? It's time to start a new project! I can feel my rotary cutter radiating happiness right now (seriously). A friend of mine, let's call her the "Fabulous Ms. D" has asked me to make a quilt for her guest bedroom. Said quilt will be on the wall above the bed, I have free reign in design, and she gave me a couple of fabrics that spoke to her to start from

This is some glorious gingham and a lovely blue plaid. Very summery no? Ms. D wanted something "beachy and Nova Scotia-ee". Obviously the plan is to pair this with some fresh Kona White as a start.

For the design, I decided to try a new pattern, one that has been on my "I want to do" list - Crooked Cabins from The Blue Chair

I just LOVE this design and I am fairly certain that the Log Cabin block, in all it's versatile yumminess is my very favorite.

Next step of course is to pick some more fabric to go with Ms. D's start. I have read different blog posts on how folks pick fabric. Some seem very scientific, and others just instinct. I get the whole color theory thing, but honestly I just start throwing things together and see what I like. Should I be admitting this? Sometimes I do this, take pictures of various combos and then go through the pictures to see what "works" or just what I like.

So here are some combos to go with Ms D's reds and blue

Option One -  some more reds and some brighter blues
Option Two - adding some grey to the mix
Option Three - Adding some "orange", what I though was red when I ordered on-line to the mix
Option Four - Get rid of the grey
Option Five - Changing up the blues to some softer options

Option Six - Adding grey back in with the softer blues

Option Seven - Grey and Orange with the soft blues
Option Eight - Orange with the soft blues
After all of that, I am not sure that I have my final pick yet, but there are a couple in the running...

What do you think? Any of these combos speak to you?
How do you pick fabric? Science or gut?

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Friday, June 28
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Happy Canada Day All!


  1. No idea how you chose, tt made me anxious just thinking about making a decision. :) This is why I don't quilt, just appreciate.