Monday 3 June 2013

The need to quilt

I really want to sew, I mean really. Instead I have been packing, moving, driving long distances, moving some more and partying with friends. Clearly not all bad things, and yet, I still just want to quilt.

A week ago I passed this sign after 13 hours on the road. I have finally made it back home!

Very excited. I am staying with my parents until my house is available on July 1st. This is also good. I have home cooked meals made by my amazing dad, and we have things like this for supper

Not a bad deal, but I still want to quilt. I did try for an afternoon to set up on the dining room table and made a Stash Bee Block

but even that did not go well, mistakes galore, I mean seriously, I cut this asterisk block at a weird place and it was ruined! Rookie stuff here people

On Thursday the folks jet away to the UK, so I CANNOT wait to take over the living room, set up my stuff and get to some projects. I am going to keep going on my triangle quilt

And I have a custom order to get started on. I am envisioning a repeat of the Star-burst Quilt Block from the Fresh Mini Quilt Club. Lot's of red, blues and greys, looking forward to seeing how it comes together.

Also on my mind is the new Improv Bee - ModQImprovB Canada. We are having fun tackling Improv blocks. I am up first for June and look at these great blocks that my Bee Mates have made for me! Cannot wait to get them all and stitch them together.
So, just four more sleeps and the sewing will begin. So excited! 
What are you working on this week? and more importantly, how do you find time to do it?!

Thanks for stopping buy, obviously I will have more to report on over the weekend :)


  1. I see your using Carnaby Street and that makes me excited! Love that range!

    1. it took me all of 20 minutes to cut into Carnaby Street after picking it up at the mailbox. That quilt (once finished) is mine, mine, mine!