Wednesday 14 August 2013

The Library Project

I've had an idea. I can hear you now "oh look she had an idea, she's so special". Seriously folks, I think I have a very good idea. You see, along with my addiction to fabric, I have another problem - with books. Fiction, magazines, journals you name it, if it involves paper and the written word (or words that need to be written), I want it. This means I have lots of books. Of course Quilting Books are way far up on my want / have list since they feed into the fabric addiction so nicely.

So, this seems pretty straight forward: passion for quilting + fabric + books = Quilting Book Library. One small problem. I buy the books, love them, paw over them, but rarely make anything out of them!! Why you ask? Are these substandard books? Do the patterns in them suck? No! Quite the opposite. These are amazing works of art that I know the authors have labored hard over and I love every inch of them. I just never seem to get there. There is always pinterest inspiration, or a Bee, or a BoM, or a commission (no complaints on that one folks!) that come first. Another year passes, maybe you buy one or two more books, and yet still...nothing made from the books.

So, here is my idea - The Library Project.
Over the next year I am going to chose six books from my library and make at least one project from each book. This is a lofty goal, considering I have a  fairly hectic day-job. But I feel like these books of mine need some love! As do their authors. I am not going to set any time frames for each project, and maybe six will be too much, but at least I have a plan - where my idea becomes reality!

All fine and good, BUT, what books am I going to pick for this little project, and what patterns to make? Well, I have this

A scrap pile that I would like to get under control. So the obvious first choice is this book:

and while there are so many delicious options in here, I am going to try this one: Volume

First step of course is some fun sorting!

You are asking  now "what other five books are you going to pick?" Darned good question. The short answer is, I don't know yet! But it is a really good excuse to pull all my books out and drool look through them and make my selection.

So, the question is, do you have similar addictions? I'd love to hear about them...

Thank you for stopping by, be sure to come back to see my other book and pattern choices. I can't wait to see what I pick :)


  1. Sounds like my mother's painting books. She had hundreds of books on painting techniques, tricks, tips, you name it. Lots of art books on famous painters as well. She just keep buying them!
    One day, I asked her why she needed so many since she hardly ever painted anything from the books. She told me they were for inspiration and if she got only one small idea or even the seed of an idea from each one, then they paid for themselves many times over. She made her living by painting oils and water colours for many years.
    When she finally stopped painting because her eyesight was fading at 87, I had to deal with the books:-)
    After watching my mother collect them and browse through them for years, I couldn't throw them out. So, everyone in the family now has a few dozen painting books on their shelves.

  2. I really love this idea! I am so guilty of this myself. I don't have a huge library - probably only about 8 books, but I should really make some projects. Maybe this will kick me into shape watching your finishes! Good luck :)

  3. I really like the "Volume" pattern. I suggest you only take on one pattern/book at a time. When this beautiful choice is complete, move on to the next! Have fun, that is the important thing!!

  4. I have the same book problem! I may have to join you on this challenge!

  5. You keep coming up with such clever ideas! Personal challenges like this are such a good idea for hoarders... I mean quilters... in general. Whether it's working only from a stash, not buying new magazines, or using the resources we already have, it's a good thing!

  6. Great idea, and I love the first quilt you chose! I was just thinking... the majority of the quilts I've made so far have been from books. I do have this problem with cookbooks, though.

  7. I have the same problem...think a challenge is the only way to deal with this :)

  8. Great idea!! I love it. And that's a gorgeous quilt to start with. I *should* play along! On my list are: a dress from Liberty Love, the hexie quilt from Modern Patchwork, and Bangles from Hand Quilted With Love. Can't wait to see what else you choose!

  9. I'm exactly the same way. Love quilting books, love the inspiration they hold, but never make anything from a book. Mostly because I design my own. I think you've come up with a good idea. Good luck.

  10. Oh, i like your thinking!! I must really give this a go! There's definitely a few books on my shelves that have projects that i need to make! Although i really should maybe finish up some other things first!
    Love your first pick and i can't wait to see some more!!

  11. I love, love, love this idea. But I could also do this with patterns. I have purchased a dozen patterns over the last 3 months and only made one!

  12. This is an awesome idea!! LOVE it. I'm in for sure. I do the same thing, buy the beautiful books for their eye candy, find stuff in them that I would LOVE to make, then put the book on it's shelf and suddenly it's erased from my mind! HAHA! Thanks for the project!