Friday 18 July 2014

The Library Project QAL: July Report

Welcome to The Library Project QAL! It's July. It's sunny. It's warm. And yet I still want to be snuggled in my sewing room quilting away! Sometimes during the summer months I walk away from sewing and onto the beach for long periods, waiting for the fall "nesting" season to begin. But not this year, I want to quilt. All. The. Time.

And so I have been :) I talked about recent going's on earlier this week, and my only disappointing news for you is that none of these projects have been on my TLP list! BUT I am heading on vacation...T-minus one hour...and I plan on bringing this with me...

There will be piecing on the deck. True Story. This will be my view, I think it will help with the sewing Mojo. I so want to finish this volume quilt. I am in LOVE with it and I want it on my wall!

So, how is your summer going? Any progress on your TLP Projects?

For those of you who are already participating - it is perfectly ok to switch up your picks throughout the year. Things change, feelings for projects morph, sew what makes you happy! And if you have been following TLP and would like to join - you can join any time -  No need to be in on it from the very beginning.

So now for the fun stuff - prizes! This month's prize is a book from my personal Quilting Library. And you get to pick which one you want :) Here are the choices:

Happy Mid Summer! Now off you go, get linking! The link will be open for a week and I will draw a winner next Friday.


  1. Beautiful view! I cannot wait to see your Volume Quilt. I'm sure it's going to be stunning!

  2. Ok, all I can say is good for you for still quilting, sadly my sewing machine is very lonely. Too if I had that view I don't think I'd be sewing!!

  3. Have fun on vacation and good luck with the volume quilt.

  4. Have a great vacation and isn't it wonderful when we can spend time doing the things we love?

  5. Wow! Now that's a view! And i love that your taking sewing that isn't handwork on your vacation. We leave in a week for the beach and i told my sis that i was bring my machine and she said i was crazy. Non sewers just don`t get it!

  6. Great view! Enjoy your time away!

  7. That view would help my mojo. Enjoy your vacation and stitching.