Monday 23 December 2013

What a Year!

This time last year I made a bunch of lists about what I wanted to accomplish in 2013 related to all things quilty. I just went back and read it. I am here to tell you that I got off track :) For example, the list looked like this:
  • No quilt book/ pattern purchases - fail, epic fail
  • No fabric purchases - um yeah, right, funny
  • Complete the Sugar Block Club quilt -I got as far as April in the BOM
  • Fresh Mini Quilt Club - um yeah, only made one of six in that one! 
  • Make a Union Jack something - didn't get to that
  • Finish off all UFOs - Right. Still have two from about ten years ago, and currently have three new ones in the closet
Now, I could beat myself up about this, or I could consider all of the stuff that I DID DO this year.
I made all of these quilts:

How wicked it this! The real goal for me this year was to make stuff. That's it. I don't know why I got so particular last year, by making lists. I really just wanted to allow myself the time to be creative. Cut fabric up and put it back together. I did it in spades!

I also made some non-quilty things, which turned out to be more fun that I thought

And then there were the Bees! I finished off the Stash Bee and also started running two bees of my own! Global Scrap Bee and ModQImprov Canada Bee. Look at all of these blocks!

This year was also busy with the  whole blogging thing. I spent lots of time here and participated in two big Blog Hops. This has been so amazing. I have met lot's of cool people and learned so much.

Oh and of course, my crowning moment this year. The Maritime Modern Quilt Guild is a Go!

I cannot wait to see how the guild unfolds this year. Can. Not. Wait.

So, to sum up. While I have been horrible at sticking to those New Year's resolutions, I have had a pretty good friggin year!

I do have some new goals for this year, goals are good, but I think I need to lighten up on this lists :)
The Guild will be a big focus this year. I want to do some fabric fasting and I want to keep working on The Library Project (which I am hoping you may join me for...stay tuned)

I will keep working on those UFOs and perhaps finish off on the Sugar Block and Mini Quilt Club. And who knows, I may join another Quilt Along if something speaks to me. There are so many popping up this year, it is hard to resist!

But bottom line, I want to keep giving myself time to make things. It is so easy to get caught up in the hectic business of life. Fabric cutting and stitching back up, and talking about it here, keeps me grounded.

So, a is to past years and new years, and may your holiday season be fraught with sewing time! 



  1. You accomplished a lot! Lovely quilts!

  2. I'm going to try and come to the January 9th meeting! Your quilts are lovely, you accomplished a lot in my opinion. Where did you take the photo in the top row, first one in? Looks like a lovely background.

  3. Who needs a list when you have so many lovely finishes! Well done! If you find a nice bee think about me!

  4. Do quilty things!! A great New Years Resolution :) Also, feel up to a little Tula challenge? I have something in mind :)

  5. Busy, busy gal for sure! Be proud of all you have accomplished. Cheers to the new year!!

  6. Toasting your amazing year, Adrienne! Merry Christmas and cheers to a Happy New Year!

  7. Such great finishes this year, Ade! And I can't help but be really excited about one of your starts - MMQG! Merry Christmas!