Monday 12 October 2015

That's Right...Zombies

So do you get caught up in Holiday making? Maybe "caught up" is a harsh way to put it. Does a holiday come around and you want the special theme fabric and patterns and maybe a new ruler? I do. I am particularity enamored with Halloween and Christmas (yeah I know I am not alone) and this year I went through my same mania.

Zombie Apocalypse, Riley Blake
I ordered a BIG skull quilt pattern. Started pulling fabric. Had the rotary cutter in my hand and then I stopped myself. Woman are you crazy? You have a WiP/ to do list the length of four arms and you are going to start a whole new something because it is October!? Like every other year I talk myself off the ledge. I feel ok. But then, sad that I still didn't make anything "seasony". Mania. Repeat.

This year I got smart! I had this Zombie Apocalypse Fabric pulled for the giant skull which has been sitting in my stash for exactly one year, and I need a new pouch to hold all of my Quilting Class Supplies.

I made the large size of the Noodelhead Open Wide Zipper Pouch. I have made about thirty of these babies in the medium size and I love them because of the wide mouth, so you can see everything inside.  For the outside, Zombies on top of linen. I stabilized the linen and quilted the hoard in a grid pattern.  p.s. I am officially addicted to Aurifil.

I love these guys

For the inside I went with a brighter bit of dot so that I could be sure to see everything in a glance. This is a BIG pouch, but that is exactly what I wanted. One stop shop. But for gifts I think I will stick with the medium size. It is just perfect.

Zipper Tab Ghoul

And then I remembered. Last year when I bought this fabric at Mrs. Pugsleys Emporium during the NS Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst - I had bought it to make something for my nephew. He and I share the love of the ghosties. So, I made him a pouch too! Same treatment, but the medium size, no quilting, more stabilizing, a neon zipper, and skulls inside! Rad.

All in all I feel for the first time that I have broken my holiday cycle! I made something with a theme! Go Me!
And you... you should come see me!

Come see me and the MMQG at the

The 8th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival takes place from October 13 - 17th in Amherst.
Maritime Modern Quilt Guild is very proud and happy to participate in this fabulous 5 day festival dedicated to everything fibre.Our lovely little guild will be displaying modern quilts and quilty items created by our members .

Our display, called "Quilting Modern", will be held on Friday, the 16th and Saturday, the 17th, from 10 am til 4 pm at Amherst Town Hall, 98 East Victoria St. (Festival Headquarters)

Guild members will be present to answer all questions. Free admission.

New at our show this year, a free demonstration on how to "quilt as you go". Guild President, Adrienne Klenck invites you to stop by and check out this amazing quilting technique. She and her trusty sewing machine will be set up and ready for action on Saturday morning from 10:30 - 11:30.

Hope to see you in Amherst!

pps. Did you catch the season premier of The Walking Dead? Best show ever!!!!


  1. LOVE that fabric!! The punches are cute, especially the little zombie faces on the pull tabs - lol. Good for you breaking a pattern you didn't like. What a fun project to use for that.

  2. Love the zombie fabric! And the little face on the tab is the perfect little touch. :)

  3. Love your pouches. Great zombie fabric.

  4. Okay. I officially have blog post ADD. As I read, I kept bouncing from comment to comment in my head. I totally hear you on wanting to make something seasonal... I want a Halloween quilt and a Christmas quilt to live on my couch. And then I get all practical and think "Where exactly are you going to store those when it's NOT the season?" Damned practicality. But each year I get closer and closer to pulling the trigger. Hell, I even ordered a Christmas FQ bundle from Pile O Fabrics. Next I'll wash it. I'm going to blame the need for seasonal quilts on the DT... you know, should anyone question it.

    Anyway. So glad you mentioned Mrs. Pugsley's I'm totally going to try and hit that when I'm in Amherst. The emporium that is... not Mrs. Pugsley.

    Love the zombies. And the pouches. And dammit. I missed Walking Dead. But Himself is away and I can't watch that sh*t alone anyway. Some things never change...

  5. Zombies don't do it for me, more of a vampire girl really, but zombie fabric is hard to resist. These pouches are great and way better than sitting in stash getting hungry - better out in the open gobbling sewing notions!

  6. I'm not big on Halloween, but I saw your pouch in person and just loved it! It was great seeing you at the Fibre Arts Festival. Your guild's quilt show was over the top! I was there for awhile, yet every time I looked around, I saw something different and had to run for my camera. There is so much talent and creativity wrapped up in your group! I can't wait to boast that I'm a member! XO