Tuesday 20 October 2015

Where's Carlos?

I had a busy quilty time this past weekend...and so did Carlos.

You remember Carlos? He has been all finished up for a while now, but he has been living in my office and yet to get out for a photo shoot. But when he heard I was going to Amherst for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival... He was all in.

So, we picked up Miss Purple Boots and Pigtails (clearly she was excited) and we were off to my wee guild's second Quilting Modern quilt show!

I am here to tell you that Carlos was impressed by the talent in the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. Every time you turned around in the display there was quilty fabulousness to drool over. But he was even more impressed with my quilty peeps. Man we had some fun!

Val aka Miss Purple Boots showed the crowds how to imporv letters. Kona Silver...yummmmm
Myself rolling out the machine to do a little Quilt as You Go. Many folks liked this technique!

Linda the Scrapmaster and Lesley the Cuddle Quilter show off  Linda's stunning quilt that she sold!
Linda and Val. This photo sums up my weekend. Fun!
Of course we also took some time to visit the LQS and get some treasures. Just a few.

If you would like to see all of the quilts at the show you can head over here to the MMQG Blog for a special Festival Post. Now back to Carlos...that stare...he demands attention.

While the gals kept the show running, Carlos and I ran out into the streets of Amherst for his photo shoot. It really is quite a sweet town.

Always after the ladies
This guy tried to abscond with the bird, but I was not having it

I had big quilting plans for Carlos, namely I was going to do an all over grid, real close together like. But a broken walking foot, some shifty linen, and poor judgement (my stitch lines were way too close for comfort) I ended up graduating my quilting lines from skinny to wide on a diagonal and that was it. In the end I like the effect. Even though the whole piece reminds me of something that should be on a '70s living room wall. Maybe that's why I like it? hmmmm....

Oh, and to finish up his trip, Carlos met up with Hazel for a wee chat before he got back in the car and got himself home. He may or may not have had her number. What happens in Amherst stays in Amherst.

So yeah, it was a large weekend for me and the owl. Quilt road trip, shopping, and most importantly time with friends. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Have you been on any quilting adventures lately? Tell me everything, and don't leave out the good stuff!

I'm heading over to visit with Lorna to Bee Social. You should drop by!


  1. Looks like Carlos had some fun in Amherst. Sounds like it was a great show...way to go!

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  3. Love Carlos' perspective!! Looks like he had as much fun as we did!!

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  5. I can't believe I was there all that time and missed meeting Carlos! Great post!

  6. Carlos looks like he had quite a day! I love it! Some day I really have to make an owl and hedgehog quilt...The quilt show looks like it was really great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love that owl, and it looks like he's having fun.

  8. Love seeing your day and Carlos was fun to follow around!

  9. What a great summary of Carlos' (and your) adventures! Hazel was delighted with his visit.

  10. What a great time Carlos must have had! He sure is a handsome fellow. Love the quilting. Looks like all you girls had a fun event and a great visit to the LQS. Your stack of new additions is gorgeous!

  11. Carlos is FABULOUS! What wonderful and creative quilt at your event. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  12. Oh, Carlos. You go to all the coolest places with the coolest peeps. So glad you and Hazel got to spend some time together!