Sunday 23 March 2014

Sunday Stash: Fluffer Nutter

I have never Sunday Stashed before, and really since I am on a Fabric Fast I should not be doing it now...but...well, yesterday was an exception...

I met up with Leigh Anne from Ella's Cottage yesterday at the MMQG Sew In. Leigh Anne brought some FQ Bundle Door Prizes, so that was the first addiction to my stash.

I picked this adorable bundle of 2wenty thr3e for Moda. The reason I picked this bundle, the cameras!

From left to Right: Flashbulbs in Parchment, Mustard and Pavement; Fox Trot in Clementine, Petal and Pavement; Cameras in Pavement and Parchment

And then, she also had this bin of lovelies that we could paw through. At $2 a FQ, I could not resist. I came away with these from the Happy Go Lucky Line...
From left to right: Penny in Red, Aqua and Lime; Jump in Lime, White Aqua and White Multicolor

AND, these from PB&J by Basic Grey. They have a color called Fluffer Nutter. How can you not want this?
Grunge in Fluffer Nutter, Picnic, Mustard and Jelly
Bag of Chips in Picnic, Fluffer Nutter and Jelly Bag

Hip Fab in Picnic and Jelly
Daisy  Mae in Fluffer Nutter; Basket and Creamy
So, pretty good huh!? It was a fun day, and I am now petting all of this.
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  1. Wow! I love your fabric choices.

  2. I love all the fabric names in the PB&J line, there is no way I could pass those up!!

  3. I love this post :) Sorry for the enabling (but not really haha!)

  4. Love 2wenty thr3e!! The cameras were the reason i bought them as well! And my LQS had/has? PB&J, and every time i see it i think, nah, i don't really, really like it. Then i see something someone has made with them and i absolutely love it! So i can't wait to see what you make with it!

  5. oh my goodness! I would not have been able to resist any of those, either!

  6. You picked up some awesome stuff! I love those cameras too, and the blender prints in PB&J are just awesome

  7. SCORE!! I think you did well. Love it all.

  8. What a fabulous stack of fabric! I love those cameras too! I just made a padded camera case out of that fabric in tangerine. It's hard to resist!