Sunday 19 February 2017


Tomorrow is Heritage Day in Nova Scotia. A time when we celebrate contributions to this province’s unique heritage. A great day to talk about my latest challenge!
A couple of weeks ago I was having a little quality Bloglovin time and came across the Mad About Patchwork Scraps Challenge at Stitched in Color. Eight fat eights were up for grabs from MAP, for Canadian readers to make something scrappy. Rachel was going to pick three readers to take on the challenge.

I wrote this: "I am in the East Coast (NS) and am dreaming of a pattern. A pattern that brings traditional NS quilting and modern themes together. Modern Heritage?". I was one of the folks picked!
We were allowed to add one fabric to the scrap pile so I chose a new white tone on tone from the Friedlander Collection.
Now I needed to make something. And in a very quick turn around time. especially since I did not get the scrappy fabric until just two days ago and our finished piece is due Thursday! (note- late fabric due to blizzards, not MAP!)

So what is my quilty heritage in Nova Scotia? I did some research. I looked for stories and inspiration. Looking for something unique that I could then interpret in some modern way. Guess what I found?

The quilters in Nova Scotia have been making the same patterns that all quilters have been making since the beginning of quilty time. Four patches, hexagons, Irish chains, bear paws, strip quilts, flying geese, HSTs. I was looking for something different. What I found was a comfortable solid ground.

"the story of quilting in Nova Scotia has less to do with creation of elaborate or unusual quilts, and more to do with production of functional but often visually pleasing quilts by hardworking, practical women. It is a story of continuity, of tradition and remarkable output. Where hands of many generations have worked together to provide comfort for family, friends, and strangers, both at home and abroad." Scott Robson, Sharon MacDonald, Old Nova Scotian Quilts

Right, so you will not see anything revolutionary from me here today. But maybe you'll see one of your old favorite patters or techniques in a bit if a different way. This is where string blocks came in.

At our January MMQG meeting we had a great demo by Miss Scrapmaster Herself on string blocks. These babies have been on my mind a lot in the last year as my scraps have been piling up and I am still in Sew My Stash mode. It seemed the strings were calling me.

I turned the MAP bundle into more scraps (the 9" strip dictated a 6.5" foundation square) and added a white background to spruce up the darker color palette. I started off thinking all of my strips would be the same size. Randomly placed, but the same size. But then I got bored. I started piecing large  strips and narrow strips. In the end if was an improv frenzy. It was fabulous!

I finished up this special piece this morning and I am just smitten. I can't share with you yet, but watch here and at Stitched in Color for the full reveal later this week.

Ill also be celebrating my Five-Year Blogversary this week, so stay tuned for a birthday giveaway!
Happy Heritage Day!


  1. This is friggin' fabulous! I love, love, love what you created with your scraps. String blocks rule! Cannot wait to see it put together. You are a very creative Nova Scotia quilter!

  2. Love it! I think Linda has said it all 😁

  3. Very interesting. Love the look.

  4. I just saw the finish. You did a great job.

  5. These blocks came out wonderfully! Now I have to hunt down the big finish. I miss your blog.