Sunday 12 February 2017

Tinsel: Christmas in February

I have decided that the best time to make holiday items is during and post said holiday. Way less pressure!

Over the Christmas Holidays I really felt like sewing something holiday-ee. I had been sitting on these Cotton + Steele Tinsel scraps from a project back in...wait for it...2013! Time to use those scraps!
the size and shape of scarps that I had left really helped determine the pattern, and I wanted something that let the fabric shrine so I chose a simple cross block. There is a lot of a color in these fabrics so I thought I would go with a cream solid for the plus. A great idea in theory, but can you see the pluses in all of that noise? Neither can I.

Not giving in and taking some advice from the cyber world, I added sashing in the same cream. Much better! 

Once the top was done I still had some scraps left. Now I was on a mission. Must. Use. All. The. Scraps. So I improv pieced the rest of the scraps and came out with a giant plus which I then pieced into the back. I still had a couple of scraps left so I made that into a pillow top (yet to be finished).
The last piece - binding. I was out of fabric. I had lots of cream left but I really wanted a tinsel finish. So a call out on IG and my friend Chris at Patch Halifax came through from her scrap bin. Enough for binding with four inches to spare!
So the good news - all scraps were consumed and I declare this Scrap Project #1 for the year. The goal is to have lots of scrappy finishes this year.

So have you made a Christmas themed quilt? I have always wanted one, but I suspect it will be used all year round...

PS. don't forget I'm celebrating 5 years in the bloggy universe this month! Stay tuned for a giveaway!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I love how you created the back with the scraps too! That's a great idea!!

  2. Kudos on using all the scraps. It looks great.

  3. Looks fantastic. Feels great to use up scraps to create a beautiful quilt. Well done!!!

  4. What a fun, fresh holiday quilt! Now you're all ready for Christmas 2017 :)