Saturday 4 February 2017

The only swap I will do this year...

I keep repeating that to myself over and over, like a mantra, warding off evil spirits...this is the only swap I will do this year, this is the only swap I will do this year... This is my mini quilt for the #mqgswap, the first swap run by the Mothership.

It's not because swaps are evil or anything like that. I really like them! But I tend to get sucked into things when I already have a million things on my list to do. Then I fell overwhelmed, then I feel quilty. Why do we put ourselves through that? So, no more swaps for me this year. I'm going to focus on that pile of WiPs again this year, I am getting to the bottom! And, I am still sewing from my stash this year which delights me...using all of my fabric treasures.

A little more about this swap. I started with fabric of course. My partner wanted bright colors and in the depth of winter I needed some sky colors so this is where I ended up...

Then my partner really had a liking for Libs Elliott designs so I thought HSTs would make me happy and get to a Libs Elliott feel. I hit Pinterest for some inspiration.

The mini-quilt ended up at 24" square. I did spiral quilting on this piece, I love the texture that it gives and thought it was a good contrast to all of those straight lines.

 This piece is now off to Calgary I hope my partner likes it!

In other news, at the end of this month I am going to be celebrating five years in the quilty bloggy world. Where has the time gone? So of course I am all "reflecty" this month, but I promise not to get too boring. In fact I am planning a little giveaway for my blogversary so be sure to stay tuned...

I have also been busy sewing up orders for Seamwork these days. Canadian Flag Pillows are pretty popular since our Country is celebrating it's 150th Birthday this year.

And I made this sweet puppy pillow for my friends daughter to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Well, that's me for now. I'm off to Patch Halifax this morning to teach some folks how to make Elizabeth Hartman's Sleep Sloth. Should be a fun day!

See you soon!

ps:  I'm going to sneak in to TIGFF! this week, and also linking up with Show Off Saturday.


  1. Your mini quilt is gorgeous!! I love those Canada pillows too. And your puppy pillow is so sweet.

  2. I love your MQG mini! I was so hopeful it might come my way until I saw you were sending it to Calgary! LOL I need to do a blog post on mine and get it packed to send off too

  3. Great finish! I just need to quilt mine and then get it off in the mail. I, too, am trying not to sign up for any swaps this year.

  4. Love ❤️ your mini. Calgary you say!!!! It should get sidetracked to Edmonton, lol. The Canadian pillows are awesome. I find that I get sucked into quilt a longs.

  5. I love it! Great design, great colours!