Friday 17 January 2014

The Library Project:: Here We Go!

Today is the day! Time to share your picks for The Library Project.

Let's do it - here are my Picks for the year...

1. First up - Emily Cier's Scrap Republic: 8 Quilt Projects for Those who Love Color. This book is just amazing! So much inspiration for all of those scraps. The Project I have picked in the book is Volume.

2. This next pick has been on my shelf for awhile and I think is the book I pick up the most to paw through. It intrigues and frightens me all at the same time. Cherri House City Quilts:12 Dramatic Projects Inspired by Urban Views. Not sure if it is all of the solids, or the graphic modern designs, but I love this book, so I had to include it. The Project will be City Tracks. I already have a fabric bundle ready to go!

3. I am really excited to make something out of this next book, Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. It was hard to chose, but I am going with the Urban Garden Quilt.

4. This book is brand new to the library (seriously, bought this last week!). Quilt Improv: Incredible Quilts form Everyday Inspirations by Lucie Summers. This book is gorgeous! I am going to make the cover project Building Blocks Quilt. Oh I hope my version turns out that cool!

5. This next choice was one I knew from the beginning. Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts: Traditional Inspiration. I love every single quilt in this book, so choosing just one was HARD!

As you can see I want to make more than one project from this one! Maybe a little over-ambitious :). So I am going to save my final choice for when I actually get to the book. Gonna wait to see how I feel at the time. But here are the delicious quilts I will choose from

Don't Forget, here is how TLP works:
  1. Dig out your quilt books (or magazine, or pattern, whatever you consider a part of your Modern Quilting Library) and select as few or as many projects as you would like to make from January to December 2014 - one per book. I leave the number of projects you chose up to you, as I know how busy life can be. BUT - I would like to challenge you to at least 4 projects :)
  2. Each month come back here to link up with my update post and tell us about your progress.
  3. At the end of the year I will host a final link up party where you show all of your finished projects for the year. From these posts I will randomly chose a winner for a prize. (this is likely very unprofessional but I don't know what the prize will be yet - just haven't gotten that far. But I promise it will be good, and open to international participants!)
The link up schedule:
  • January 17th, 2014 - Write and link up your first post with you book / project choices
  • February through November - Monthly links ups on the third Friday of every month with progress on your projects
  • December 2014 - Final post to show off all of your finishes and link up to be eligible for the prize! 
AND, what is a Quilt Along without meeting new friends? So why not visits the links before and after yours and see what everyone is up to!

AND AND, if you are an Instagram junkie (like me) connect with #TheLibraryProject

Now it is time to hear from all of you! Link up your posts below and share your picks - can't wait to browse through the stacks of your Library!


  1. You have some great picks there, I can't wait to see how yours all turn out!! I am working on getting my link post together as I type!! Thanks for hosting!!!

  2. Love your picks! I see we have a book in common. I love every single quilt in that book. This will be fun. Thanks!

  3. Ahem! I believe you said you weren't buying books this year?! :p But I guess if you were going to buy one, at least it was an awesome one :) Quilt Improv is totally on my wish list!

    1. She caught you! And I want to borrow that one when you're done your quilt! :)

  4. I have yet to write my post...but I will! Your list looks manageable!

  5. How fun! Looking forward to this

  6. I'm so excited! I love the selections and it's great to find new books to add to my library. This is going to be a fun year of quilting.

  7. Too funny that we both chose City Quilts! And I had two of your other selections in my coffee table stack! Thanks for coming up with this cool idea, Ade. It's gonna be fun!

  8. Great selection! This is going to be so much fun to see everyones projects. Thanks for organizing this Adrienne.

  9. Okay my first project will be Original Ticker Tape from Sunday Morning Quilts!

  10. Oh! The Volume quilt... not on my list but I know I have to get to this one at some point... and I love city tracks too. What a great idea Adrienne. As of this afternoon, I was not participating, but you got me in the end! I wanted to hang out with the cool kids!

  11. This was a great idea, thanks for organizing it.

    The shoemaker's puzzle almost made it to my list but I tried to show a little restraint by only picking small projects.

  12. Awesome choices! I love Volume and can't wait to see your version. And i borrowed Quilt Improv from my library and fell in love, must pick up a copy for myself!

  13. Today got away from me but I'm going to do my blog post tomorrow, I promise! I have scrap republic too and for some reason that's the book that scares me! Brave of you to make it your first choice.

  14. This was a great idea, thanks for organizing it!

  15. Yay!! So excited! Thanks for hosting this and coming up with this awesome idea. I love your choices! All are beautiful!

  16. That first quilt you listed called "volume" is AMAZING! I just might need that book! Uhhhh ohhh! I am going to go home after work tonight and put together my list of projects and join in!

  17. Hi I just made it - have blogged and posted to the link - it is such a fantastic opportunity to start and importantly finish!