Monday 13 January 2014

TLP - What Counts as "Library"

A quick post tonight to shed some clarification on The Library Project.

As you have been getting ready for Friday's link up on your Library Project picks I have had lots of questions about if projects can come from sources other than books. For example, some people have individual patterns on their shelves, or patterns in Magazines that have been earmarked for years...

Since I am making the rules...I say everything goes! If your library includes books, magazines, or patterns that you have been wanting to make, now is the time! So if you are a new quilter and your library is a couple of books, don't let that hold you back :)

See you all on Friday!


  1. How long will the link up be open? We're going to be out of town until next Wed with limited internet :(

  2. This is wonderful, I've got a long to-do list :)

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  4. I've been thinking about this challenge a lot since you posted about it on the Facebook group. I don't have a large library of specifically "modern" quilt books, but the ones I have all have projects that I'd love to tackle. I don't have a blog but will be quilting along--thanks for the motivation!

  5. Is there going to be a hashtag for this linky?

  6. Okay my first project will be Original Ticker Tape from Sunday Morning Quilts!