Monday 3 September 2012

The Missing Month (or two)

Wow! It would appear that I have not been here in two months. Yikes! No worries though, nothing wrong, Just working. While I am enjoying my newest project at work, it has meant a lot of travel away from home, and therefore away from the sewing machine. So very little quilting in July or August - in fact none :( It's funny, even though I have not been quilting, my project list has grown. Apparently when I cannot sew, I buy books and fabric. Dangerous!

So, tonight's entry is just a brief update, to say that I am indeed still alive, and thinking a lot about trying to find some time to get back to the stash. I don't know about you, but even though the temp outside still reads the other side of 30 degrees, the leaves are starting to tumble, and every once in awhile I feel a breath of fall air.

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Glorious colors, crisp blue sky, fresh breezes, and the longing to nest before winter creeps in. September is my New Year, and it is then that I like to set my goals. This year I have built my modern quilting library so the goal is to actually make projects out of them!

Recent books that have made it to my book stash that I am in completely in love with include:

Zakka Style
Free-Motion Quilting
Modern Patchwork
Block Party
Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration
Quilting Modern

I was almost ready to say goodnight when I remembered that I did do some sewing in July! Of Course The Stash Bee continues and the July Block was the disappearing nine-patch. This was a super fun and easy block to make.

A nine patch, two cuts, a couple of flips, sew it back together and voila!

Also from the Bee, I was super stoked to see my May Block as part of a whole quilt. I think it turned out great and I loved the use of the Bee Graphic on the label. I think I might do that as well when it is my turn.

Well I think I must get to bed. Tomorrow is Tuesday, but really "Monday", so that means a trip to the airport and a flight to London Ontario for the week (too bad it's not London England!). When I get home on Friday I need to catch up on Augusts Bee Block, which means I get to try out my new Dresden Ruler. Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by