Tuesday 22 May 2012

Stormy May Bee Block

Month three of Stash Bee and I am having fun making these different blocks. This month's block is heading to Texas!

To make this block I picked stormy palette of greys, blacks and whites with a burst of Blue.
To make a 10 1/2" Block, I started by cutting 2.5" squares from my selection of six fabrics, that laid them out 5x5.
Then it was time to make the wonky star points. I took one of the 2.5" blue squares and laid it on top of the grey prints (right sides together). I sewed a 1/4" seam, flipped it over, and pressed it flat.

Repeat with a second square.
When both sides are sewn and pressed, flip the block over to the back and trim excess
The wonky part is easy, just don't be rigid about where you sew your blue blocks to the grey prints, mix it up (close or farther away from the corner) and you will have different sized points. Once all four of the star burst points are sewn, line them up and begin sewing all of the 2.5" blocks together. The end result is your stormy sky!
Are you in a Bee? Tell me all about it!

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Bloggers' Quilt Festival

I am pretty excited to be submitting my very first entry to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

The guidelines said to enter a quilt that you loved. You will have seen my entry quite recently, but I am in love with it and what I learned that I decided that it was the one!

 "Through the Trees" was made for one of my very best friends on her 40th Birthday.

I used this tutorial from Kate Conklin Designs. I started this quilt back in January, and frankly it has taken me so long to finish because it was my first attempt at straight line quilting. Needless to say, I had a lot of learning to do!
Problems started early in - puckers! But after a consult with the Modern Quilt Guild I started to figure out my sewing machine - a LOT less tension, longer stitches, slow and steady, and making sure my quilt sandwich was solid and flat, flat, flat! The end result still has a few puckers, but I am going to depend on the final wash and pucker to take care of them :)
Then it was on to binding...I have been quilting for many years, but was self taught about 15 years ago. Now the things I am learning in the virtual modern quilting world is blowing my mind! For this quilt I used a combo of tutorials from Red Pepper Quilts and Crazy Mom Quilts. This new to me method is so great, and still allows me to machine stitch the binding which is what I prefer.

In the end, I am happy with the results of the quilt, am congratulating myself for pushing my boundaries. The best part? My friend Krista LOVED her gift!
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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Liebster Blog Award

First I need to thank Lynn over at K&S Designs Girls who was kind enough to present me with the Liebster Blog Award!! 

I'm so very honored! 
When she sent me an email I had no idea what she was talking about so a little research on-line and here's what I found out.

The Liebster Award (German for favorite) is for bloggers with 200 followers or less. As a recipient of the award, you have the chance to thank and link back to the blogger who gave it to you as well as pass it along to five other deserving blogs.

The Liebster Conventions says that:
1. Thank your award presenter on your blog and link back to him/her. 
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog. 
3. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that you think deserve to be recognized. 
4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Have faith that your follower will spread the love too.

Five blogs I follow and would like to award:
Alexis @ Domestic Bliss 
Rossie  @ Rossie Blog 
Kelly @ Sew Kelly Sews
Melissa @ We Shall Sew 
Anna @ Woollykat 

I have to say it was hard to pick just five!
Thank you, Lynn! 
I'm very honored and surprised!
Hope everyone gets a chance to check out these lovely blogs! Enjoy!!