Friday 9 December 2016

Seam Work

First I would like to start by welcoming you if you are dropping in from The Needle & Thread Network. I am being featured today on their site and I am so pleased to "meet" you! I hope you have some time to check out the blog :)

So It's December! How the heck did that happen? Anyone else have a Santa's sweatshop set up in their house for holiday making? Mine is in full swing AND I have been busy with some other stuff.... some exciting opening an Esty Shop! I introduce Seam Work

For most of the year I have been thinking on this whole Etsy thing. I wanted to open a shop. BUT, I was a afraid.  Afraid to start something new, to put myself out there,  what if people don't like my things? Crazy fears.

But then in the Fall I started to get excited about it, started looking into how it all works. And then I had a sew day planned with my friend Jeanette from Stamp Stitch Create. As we are sewing away she says "hey wanna start an Etsy shop together?" (or something to that effect lol). She was nervous too about starting something new.

So we held hands, looked over the edge of the abyss, and opened Seam Work in November. We both just needed a little nudge to get going. Quilty friends are good for that :) Now we have a great shop that will be full of both of our quilty goods. Good for us, good for our customers!

You can visit the shop  HERE

Jeanette and I pose for our Shop photo. I think we are pretty cute!
Since the shop opened I have been busy making custom flag pillows. I am now a Jedi Master in the ways of the invisible zipper.

And look at our adorable labels!

So I guess I am officially a small business owner and I am loving it! I cannot thank Jeanette enough for doing this with me. I think together we are going to have a hell of a good time!

Do you sell your quilty things? I would love to hear all about it!

Talk to you soon, I have some finishes to share so I should probably write a post more than once a month...