Sunday 28 February 2016

Blogging and prezzies for friends

Social Media just reminded me that four years ago today I blogged for the very first time. Wow, where does the time go?! This blog started out as an electronic journal. It was taking the place of the binder that I kept pics of my finished quilts in. Over the years it grew in llinky parties, prizes, etc all the things we try to do to get readers. Its fun having readers! I love you guys! I have met so many great people here. Learned so much.

No, I am not stopping blogging, but I think I am going to pare down a lot. It will be once again more about a journal, where hopefully, when you have some time you may want to drop in and see what's up. Now I am still my crazy picture taking self so Instagram has really become one of my fave places to hang out. So if you'd like to stay in touch with me there come find me @adejklenck

So, anyway, on to quilts! I made this mini quilt this week as a gift for my bestie Barb. We celebrated her retirement this weekend and I felt she needed a little reminder to get in the sewing studio!

This is the Geometric Sewing Machine pattern from Quiet Play. I love her patterns and man I could paper piece all day long! For this special project I cut into my hoarded stack of Alison Glass Handcrafted. It's the Year of the Stash people! I am having fun using my stash.

Here is Barb and I at the party. I think she liked it :)

I really enjoyed making this little one. I think I am going to make one for myself as well. I am finding mini quilts a great way to display that precious fabric that I get nervous about never seeing again if I use it. Gulp!

How do you use those precious bits? Or are you still hoarding. Fess Up! There is no judgement here!
See you soon

This Project was on my Q1 Finishes List for the 2016 Finish-A-Long

Sunday 14 February 2016

Stashin' it

Its been a month or so since I pledge my allegiance to the fabric gods and swore to make 2016 the Year of the Stash. I'm doing pretty well. I have been busy making since this pledge and have been hitting the stash religiously. I made this mini quilt for the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club Bias Tape Applique Challenge.

I finally used my coveted Octopus fabric and made myself an infinity scarf.

I cut into my coveted Abacus and made the starter block for my Travelling Quilt Canada Project.

I've gotten this baby quilt flimsy together. Ready for basting!

And I've got some projects in the hopper

Now some things did come into the stash this month. So we should really talk about that. I think I have covered my butt from all angles. Let's see.

I subscribe to a monthly Kona club with Candy Coated Quilts. Five curated Konas that have really been the source of lots of inspiration. Not giving that up so we might as well add that to the manifesto as an "allowed". I was behind on seeing Mrs Candy Coated so three months of Kona goodness came home. Also I received that wee bundle of Blueberry Park as a gift. Gifts clearly don't count! Then I was in Frenchy's (our local infamous used clothing store) and found a great mens shirt which was the perfect Low Volume print and a duvet cover which will work great as a quilt back (queen Size) - all for $4.50. Win!

Now that glorious piece of Melody Miller pink goodness...I bought it people. One meter. For no reason other than I HAD to have it. I felt guilty for a second, but then I got over it. It's awesomeness wins.

So, I am feeling pretty good about this month. I am having fun sewing from my stash. I am discovering things I forgot I have, cutting up things I have been "saving for something good" and feeling creative!

How are you doing with your stash? And if you are buying fabric I want to hear about that too! I can live vicariously!

Thursday 11 February 2016

Star Bright: a finish

Dropping in for a quick finish this week! Star Bright...

This baby quilt will be the next beginners class offered at my LQS Patch Halifax. I like it so much I have made another one to gift! The free pattern is from Swim Bike Quilt. You should totally go check out the Patterns Page on this blog, lots of good stuff! 

Simple design, but the fabrics make it all pop.

We were out for a trip to a great Vintage Store, the Reclaimed Cottage, this past weekend, the "stuff" outside waiting for some love begged to be photographed with this great little flimsy. Check out that bed!

So that's my big show for this week. I'm off! People to see, things to do, fabric to cut and sew back together. Linking up with TGIFF! because mama needs to celebrate some Friday action!

Friday 5 February 2016

TBT: the one with plaid

So my friend Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge runs a TBT linky party once a month. I like these trips down memory lane, remembering the how and why and what happened to those quilts of the past.

Today, I give you Bricks and Morter. One of my earliest children.The book says June 27, 1999. Here is the Photoshoot back then. Draped over a car at camp. That's right, I had the knack even back then!

It was bright and happy and well...plaid, which I still love. Today it is not quite as bright and shiny, but I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This quilt started its life as a camper, moved on to live in Roxbury while my hubbby and I were long distancing it, and now is my car quilt. Being there in case of emergency and protecting the back seat from dog and husband paws alike. 

It has been used. Which is what I think quilts should do. Be used. Being almost 20 years old, there is a lot of this happening

The fading is pretty heavy

And check out the dodgy binding and burn holes. Yes, burn holes.

This patch, which was clearly expertly attached, covers the biggest hole. Early weekend at the camp meant many quilts by the campfire. This one was a victim. Mind you I don't blame it entirely on the fire or the user. I blame the vodka. But that's another story, for another night.

Right, so here are a few poorly lit photos of this cherished member of our family. I'm glad I could share it with you.

Now, off to sneak off for some Friday Night Sewing! Oops, guess I missed the Thursday in TBT.