Sunday 14 February 2016

Stashin' it

Its been a month or so since I pledge my allegiance to the fabric gods and swore to make 2016 the Year of the Stash. I'm doing pretty well. I have been busy making since this pledge and have been hitting the stash religiously. I made this mini quilt for the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club Bias Tape Applique Challenge.

I finally used my coveted Octopus fabric and made myself an infinity scarf.

I cut into my coveted Abacus and made the starter block for my Travelling Quilt Canada Project.

I've gotten this baby quilt flimsy together. Ready for basting!

And I've got some projects in the hopper

Now some things did come into the stash this month. So we should really talk about that. I think I have covered my butt from all angles. Let's see.

I subscribe to a monthly Kona club with Candy Coated Quilts. Five curated Konas that have really been the source of lots of inspiration. Not giving that up so we might as well add that to the manifesto as an "allowed". I was behind on seeing Mrs Candy Coated so three months of Kona goodness came home. Also I received that wee bundle of Blueberry Park as a gift. Gifts clearly don't count! Then I was in Frenchy's (our local infamous used clothing store) and found a great mens shirt which was the perfect Low Volume print and a duvet cover which will work great as a quilt back (queen Size) - all for $4.50. Win!

Now that glorious piece of Melody Miller pink goodness...I bought it people. One meter. For no reason other than I HAD to have it. I felt guilty for a second, but then I got over it. It's awesomeness wins.

So, I am feeling pretty good about this month. I am having fun sewing from my stash. I am discovering things I forgot I have, cutting up things I have been "saving for something good" and feeling creative!

How are you doing with your stash? And if you are buying fabric I want to hear about that too! I can live vicariously!


  1. So many great stash projects in this post, Ade! Isn't it great to re-discover the treasures we've bought along the way? As for that Melody Miller, it's super fun. Enjoy it!

  2. You did a great job working from your stash.

  3. You are on fire! Love all your projects.

  4. I'm loving that baby quilt. I also like that you shared your purchases.

  5. Oh, my goodness, you've been busy!