Thursday 1 June 2017

TGIFF! Plus Size

Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday! I'm pretty excited to share my recent finish (like I put the binding on Wednesday recent) with you.

My amazing Guild, the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, has issued a challenge, a word challenge. Make a quilty something with words. I have had a million ideas about this challenge and came to final decisions on what I would make about a million times, and yet, up to this time last week I still had not started anything. Then this happened....

As I was cleaning new clothes tags out of my underwear dresser drawer (bad habit #569) I pulled this out

I was immediately mad. WHY do my clothes need to have neon pink sings on them to announce to the world that they are bigger than "regular" clothes. Why do I have to go to the back of stores to the "Plus" Section. Why are those clothes so different from the "regular" sizes and why do they cost nearly double?

Listen, I am overweight. I'm not in denial about it, I don't love it, I would like to be healthier. But why do I have to feel such shame about buying clothes for myself, and why can I not have the same styles as everyone else. There are two "plus" sized clothing stores in my Province so we are all dressed the same, not too many options.

Here is the thing, I am more than a "Size".  My pluses are not about how many x's are on my t-shirt tag, they are about the great things about me. Without going on and on, I'm creative, loving, a good listener, I have a thing for waterfalls and root beer Popsicles, I'm a dog person and sometimes I'm funny ;) THESE are my pluses, not my size.

So how to transfer these feelings into a quilty thing? Make pluses! Each plus on this quilt represents something about me that I love. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a size 24 (did I just say that out load??), and everything to do with me being more than a size.

Why pink? Well, the tag was pink and frankly I have a had an obsession with pink this last year and maybe that obsession was all leading to this. So I hit my pink stash and picked a bit of all of my favorites.

So there you have it! A finish with a little personal meaning. Now it's your turn, lets see what you have finished, link up below!

Thanks so much for dropping in. Cheers to our finished piles getting bigger than our WiP piles!