Wednesday 20 February 2013

WiP Wednesday: the block edition

Can you believe it? Two weeks in a row and I am on time with WiP Wednesday. Small Miracles. This week was all about catching up on Bee Blocks and getting started on my Block Of the Month project.

First was getting to the February Blocks for Stash Bee. I am in two hives now so lots of new learning! One of the blocks was a bargello. I must say that I am not drawn to bargello but I did enjoy making the block and learning a new technique. Here is the tutorial that we followed, which was great. Then it was wonky log cabin and star blocks. Have done lots of these now, but they are still fun.

Next, on to the Sugar Block Club! I did a new fabric pull and completed the January and February blocks. The February block was done with paper piecing. I don't know about you, but I love paper piecing, but do not do it very often. Each time I start I need a refresher. This video on Craftsy (free I might add) is brilliant!

So all caught up on blocks for this month. Phew! The only other work in progress I have on the go is my version of Pantone Pop from the amazing Katie at Sew Katie Did. Squares are cut and diagonal lines drawn. Time for some serious chain piecing of HSTs!

The other news I have to share this week is that I am teaching my friend Lisa how to quilt. I am so excited about this and after our first Quilting Saturday Lisa is hooked. We have a date set for next Saturday to continue the lessons. I am pretty excited to have a new quilting buddy :)

new sewing stuff!

once she started chain piecing it was hard to tear her away from the machine
Lisa's very first block!
That's it for this update. Back to the sewing machine. I am linking up this week at Freshly Pieced.

Thursday 14 February 2013

The Spinner's Loft

I have a confession. I don't know how to knit. I know, gasp! While I am drawn to the colorful wool and clickety clack of needles, I have to admit that I am too addicted to the needle and thread to break away.  However, someday I have dreams of knitting, so this is for all of you knitters out there, a special tour of The Spinner's Loft.

Just a few communities down the coast from my childhood home on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, The Spinner's Loft is a place where you can learn the art and craft of hand spinning fibers. The Studio sits on the ocean next to to a 19th century fisherman’s Cape house where you can even take advantage of an overnight stay and home cooked meals.

I guess that my other confession today is that the Proprietress and Artist is also my Mother In-Law :) I spent many Friday nights, back in the day, visiting her cute son after school in that quaint home. Leslie Hauck (that's her on the left below) has been spinning for nearly 30 years, using anything that is spinnable from Sable Island pony hair to milkweed pod silk. She has even made me some amazing scarves from dog fur!

According to the lovely Spinner's Loft website; "the Spinner’s Loft is not just about learning to spin, honing your spinning skills, or creating novelty yarns from the exotic fibers you just spun, it is also about unwinding and enjoying your surroundings". True story.

Enough of my ramblings, let's tell the rest of this story in pictures... 

So, I feel that you artists and knitters are already sold on this amazing place ad experience, I mean how could you not be. But what about you non-knitters, or virgin fiberologists (I am sure that is not a word, but I like it)? Want to give it a try? Check out The Spinner's Loft for more information (where I also borrowed these pictures from). And if you see Leslie give her a hug from me!


Saturday 9 February 2013

Foreign Currency: A Finish

The week is barely out and another finish is under my belt! Mind you I have been working on Postage Stamps and Foreign Currency since before Christmas, but I am still patting myself on the back :) Like everyone else on the East Coast, we got some snow here in Roxbury, so I took this quilt outside for some snow shots. I LOVE snow!

I never used to be in to washing my quilt before pictures, but I am really into running to the washing machine immediately after the last stitch. I just can't wait for those crinkles.

I went with a black binding on this one, letting those Kona solids be the main feature. I am still tickled when I sew on my new labels. I don't think this will ever get old. In the end, this quilt ended up being 65 x 65. I am sticking to my original plan, this one is mine! I am going to hang it above our bed here is Roxbury so I can go on and keep enjoying these colors.

Be careful out there today! Stay off the roads if you can, and don't do too much shovelling, that's what neighbourhood kids are for.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

WiP Wednesday - Actually on Time

It's a big day! I am actually on time for WiP Wednesday. Small victories are good. This week has been a productive one. I had my first finish and I am very close to completing Foreign Currency. Here is the top which I finished just before the holidays.

Quilting is done! I kept it to simple straight lines. Seriously, the Kona Solids in this quilt speak volumes all on their own. By the way this is my very first all solids quilt. I think I might be hooked. All that remains is the binding.

A shot of the backing fabric. I am glad I have some left over of this!

When I am quilting I often take a picture of my machine settings so that just in case I get sidetracked on another project (hey, it happens) I will know what I was doing. Do you do this? Or do you have other ways to keep track? 
Goals for the next week:
  • Finish Foreign Currency (of course)
  • Complete the Stash Bee February Blocks
  • Complete the January and February Sugar Block Club Blocks
  • Make a decision about my next project!
One last thing - here is my work partner. The Orange Cat demands little, just the occasional petting and some laser beam chasing at key points during the day. Such a handsome man.

I am linking up today at Freshly Pieced

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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Postage Stamps: A Finish

My first finish of 2013! Collective hurrah! Here it is: Postage Stamps

I am thrilled with this quilt. It is one of those "I have been holding on to these scraps forever because I love them and now I finally did something with them" quilts. I know you have those too.I have blogged about the creation of this quilt here, here  and here

I was a little nervous of the sashing color I chose, but ultimately the neutral background makes those stamps pop!

My irrational fear of free motion quilting continues on, but I wanted to finish this off with something opposite to the straight lines of the stamp blocks, so I chose a scalloped stitch on my machine. The quilting looks lovely and after the wash there is a nice soft crinkle.

During this project I found the "Wonder clip". Where have you been all my life? I love these things. An excellent investment. I bought mine here at Bloomerie

Orange with white Polk a dots finish this quilt nicely and the backing magically worked with all of the colors on the top.

I am in love with this finish. After washing it got deliciously soft which I think will be wonderful for a night on the couch with a movie.

Here is the listing for this Postage Stamp Quilt:
  • 100% Cotton quality quilting cottons on the top, back and binding
  • 100% Cotton Batting
  • Measurements: 57 inches x 75 inches*;
  • Binding has been machine stitched for extra durability
  • Machine washable, line drying is preferred, but tumble drying is also an option
  • New and unused, it was made and is kept in a smoke-free home
  • This quilt is exactly as pictured and is ready for shipping.
  • Price: $ 175 CAD
A quilt is a thoughtful gift. This size quilt will be great for a cozy throw, wall hanging, or a drape on a chair or bed.

If you are interested in this quilt you can leave a comment here with your e-mail address and I will contact you directly or you can e-mail me at

* Please be sure to get out your tape measure to help visualize the actual size of the quilt to avoid any disappointment.

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