Wednesday 6 February 2013

WiP Wednesday - Actually on Time

It's a big day! I am actually on time for WiP Wednesday. Small victories are good. This week has been a productive one. I had my first finish and I am very close to completing Foreign Currency. Here is the top which I finished just before the holidays.

Quilting is done! I kept it to simple straight lines. Seriously, the Kona Solids in this quilt speak volumes all on their own. By the way this is my very first all solids quilt. I think I might be hooked. All that remains is the binding.

A shot of the backing fabric. I am glad I have some left over of this!

When I am quilting I often take a picture of my machine settings so that just in case I get sidetracked on another project (hey, it happens) I will know what I was doing. Do you do this? Or do you have other ways to keep track? 
Goals for the next week:
  • Finish Foreign Currency (of course)
  • Complete the Stash Bee February Blocks
  • Complete the January and February Sugar Block Club Blocks
  • Make a decision about my next project!
One last thing - here is my work partner. The Orange Cat demands little, just the occasional petting and some laser beam chasing at key points during the day. Such a handsome man.

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  1. Love your quilt! Great choice of colors!! Your cute work partner looks satisfied too!

  2. Thanks Kitty. Orangie just wishes he could be ON the quilt :)

  3. I love the colors in your quilt! That is interesting that your machine shows your foot.

    I can't get this verification thing to verify me for some reason... I've never had a problem before. So this is going to show up as anon :(

    1. Or it worked. LOL.

    2. It worked! Thanks for your comments :) Funny thing about the foot picture on my quilt, it is not the right foot!

  4. I really LOVE that top- the solids are wonderful!!

  5. Your solids quilt looks fabulous--the colors are so strong and vibrant! You'll feel very proud of yourself once it's finished, and rightly so. Say hello to your little orange cat for me--I, too, have an orange cat who likes to join me in the studio.

  6. Wonderful. I have seen some fabulous solids quilts today and really do feel inspired to abandon the patterns for my next quilt. Thanks.

  7. Thanks all. I for sure am going to do more solid quilts. I was afraid, but I am not sure why. Now that I see other quilts done solely in solids, I think they are beautiful! I have to choose my next project this week, so another solid one it is!

  8. Wow!! That quilt is gorgeous! I have never done an all solids quilt but you might have just inspired me to try it.

  9. Wow!!! Love the colors and design!!! Amazing work!

  10. Awesome quilt! I love the colors. They're so rich! Definitely a good choice on the minimal quilting.

  11. FANTASTIC! I love the colors, the design, the quilting.