Wednesday 25 January 2017

HELLO my name is Grateful

Three years ago I founded the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild and since that time have acted as President. A role which has taken me on an amazing adventure. An adventure which lead me to find a community. A community of creative, supportive, fun and loving people.

This month marked my last presidential duties as I passed the crown on to the amazing Crystal (@halifaxmom on IG). How emotional was I as I passed the Tiara and our Guild Banner on? I cried!  Now I am a crier people, anyone who knows me knows I am always good for a cry, happy or sad!

But what made me even more emotional was the surprise of this amazing quilt!

Twenty five members of the guild participated in making this most special gift, all in secret of course! I have to send special thanks to my friends Linda and Amanda for organizing all the work. I have goosebumps again just thinking of the stitchy love that went into this quilt.

The quilt features all of the colors from our guild logo and has tons of special touches like the piped binding that Amanda did, the organic straight line quilting by Linda, and look at all the fabric from everyone's stashes! I like looking at every block :)

The back - it gets even better - see the big sail boat!!!! Thanks Karen for doing the piecing on that baby. Of course it is the MMQG logo and it means so much to me to have that pieced into the quilt.

Right down to the label (thank you Beth!), absolutely everything about this quilt makes my heart sing.
I think I am out of words to describe these first three years of MMQG, but I know this...

I have learned, loved, laughed and cried and I can't wait for more!
Thank you

Friday 20 January 2017

This is not my first finish of 2017...

It's my last finish of 2016! Yup I am still a slacker when it comes to blogging right now. Oh well, at least I own my slacker qualities ;)

So back in November the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild brought in their first famous designer Libs Elliott! I was so excited to meet Libs and learn to conquer the y-seam with her Weight of Love Quilt.

I started the adventure with a fabric pull, using my hoarded print from Priory Square as a start. Time to use the "good" fabric!

I ended up in love with my fabric combo and it was all from my stash! I even had enough in the end to make a scrappy binding. I'm still committed to making from my stash this year. I did so well in 2016 some of my fabric bins are empty! What?! Must. Resist. Buying. More. Fabric.

The class with Libs was great! It's Y-Seams not Cry-Seams people! and I loved learning about how Libs designs her quilt patterns using computer code. fascinating

Confession time - if you get close to this quilt, it is a bit of a hot mess. Appliqueing the center piece onto the background did not go well for me, but I consider it a huge lesson learned. If your options are building a"fabric frame" to baste to or a full panel of fabric...choose the full piece. Just saying.

Good news is, I took the pictures from far away, so it looks awesome! You're welcome.

Some IKEA Nummers on the back. My stash of this is running dangerously low, so it only goes on special pieces.

It was  so fun to meet a famous quilty person! That's right I met Libs Elliott - see I have a picture!  

MMQG is hosting workshops  Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint fame in May, cannot wait!

The only thing better than a fresh finish - Quilt photo shoot outtakes. Thanks Barb!
Anyone else out there still reporting on 2016 finishes, or have you all moved on? I hope I'm not the only one....

See you soon

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