Tuesday 26 January 2016

I'm feeling mighty lucky

In an effort to learn stuff, I joined the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club this year. Each month you get a skill lesson with practice challenges. The first month was all about bias tape applique. Never done that before! So off I went to buy a bias tape maker, some double sided tape and hit the stash for some fabrics. Sewing time is limited so I skipped practice suggestions and went right for a challenge and made a mini-quilt of my own design. Don’t get all excited people, it’s only some circles…

After I picked some colors (Kona Tangerine, Watermelon and Melon) I hit the white and made a quilted base for the applique. Then using my handy mixing bowls, traced the circle I wanted to follow for the applique.

Then it was on to making the bias tape. Those little bias tape makers are so cool! I added the double side tape and started sticking it down.

And then, sewing! I used a pretty variegated thread since I did not have any to exactly match the colors of my circles (trying to work from my stash!). I added three circles to the piece.

Once the applique was on, it still needed a little something, so I echo quilted in the variegated thread just a bit.

Final step, binding and a trip to the yard for some photos.

Overall, this 17" mini makes me pretty happy. I learned something new and I have something made in these crazy colors, which are not me, but I have been completely obsessed with lately.

Have you taken on any new skill challenges lately? Would love to hear all about it!

PS - I will be linking this finish up with my 1st Quarter accomplishments for the 2016 Finish A Long.

Oh, and this was the sky in my front yard just before I took these pics. How great is this!

Saturday 16 January 2016

I need a plan!

I do better with goals, deadlines, plans. So time to get back on the horse. 2015 was my "wild and crazy, no rules year". It was stressful. I guess being a Project Manager is not just a job but part of my inner most workings. I need a plan, a map for the weeks and months to come, and I need to report on it.

So with a few minutes to spare, I am jumping on the wagon with Stacey at SLOstudio for the 2016 Finish-A-Long. In years past I participated in A Lovely Year of Finishes (which I am sad to say ended this year). ALYOF was a monthly goal setting party and I really liked that structure to help keep my WiP work focused. But two posts a month seems daunting right now. The 2016 Finish-A-Long has quarterly reporting which I feel will be less hectic.

The stack of sheets. Oh, and a dirty sock. Don't judge me.

So my goal for this quarter is a biggie! I took on a commission before the holidays - to make five queen sized quilts from vintage sheets for a family. The sheets belonged to their aunt who they were all close to.

I am keeping it simple with just square patchwork, and have the five quilts cut.

Today was Maritime Modern Quilt Guilds Sew In, so against all winter weather odds, I packed my sheet bits and bobs and headed in. I finished the first top!

After Sew In, I continued sewing at home and I'm well into top number two. Now, to get all five quilts completed by the 31st...a lofty goal...but lets see how far I get... stranger things have happened

How cute is this embroidered detail? I have the Mr. too.
Have you linked up with the 2016 Finish-A-Long? There's still a few minutes before the linky closes. Off you go!


PS - for myself...here is my list of WiPs that I will be working on throughout the year:
Vintage Sheet Custom Quilts (Five Queens)
Baby Quilt (Alex)
Sew Together Bag
Star Bright Baby Patch Class Sample
Hazel Hedgehog Pillow Patch Class Sample
Hazel Hedgehog #87pillows
Bias Tape Challenge Mini Quilt (January)
Gift for a Friend (February)
Metro Twist (Quick Curve Ruler Project)
#87 Pillows MMQG Charity Project
Half Moon Bay
Chicopee Triangles
Square Baby Quilt (three!)
Modern BOM Quilt
Cammo Quilt
Mighty Lucky Monthly Project

Saturday 2 January 2016

Yes, its a New Years Goal post. It's ok to skip

As of 8:13 pm Atlantic Time, this ladies and gentlemen is, on the right my stash, on the left the stack of bins, Works in Progress.

I also have two dresser drawers with yardage for backings and scraps. I did a big fabric de-clutter this past summer so I am feeling like my stash is not out of control or anything wild like that. BUT I do have lots of fabric. I mean enough fabric and current WiPs or ideas of things I REALLY want to make (for which I already have fabric) to keep me busy for the next couple of years, maybe three.

So really, why do I keep adding fabric to my stash? Because I love fabric. I want it. All of it. The end.
So am I going to say that I will not add any fabric to my stash this year, hell-to-the-no people, but I am going to be very mindful of sewing from what I have.

I do like myself some rules, mostly so that I can break them every so often if I am honest, so I am jumping on board with Jennifer at A Quarter Inch From The Edge for The Year of The Stash. Here is my manifesto as it were
  1. I'm going to look at what I have. There is some good shit in those bins. Time to use it. No more hoarding.
  2. I am in a Travelling Quilt Bee this year and have also signed up for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. So if I need things to accomplish those things. I'm doing it. Likewise I will get any fabric, batting, notions to complete WiPs. 
  3. Lets face it, if I am on any sort of road trip and get a chance to go to a fabric shop that is not on my usual route, I will probably buy something. I mean seriously. 
  4. Buy Local. This really should not be a fad. When I do need to spend, I will spend my hard earned dollars at my local LQS (or a Canadian on line shop if needed.)
  5. And, you know you want it, you would miss my OCD ways. I will track for my own enjoyment my WiPs, finishes, ideas and any stuff bought, just to see how I make out this year. Cause the tracking is half the fun! 
All right, that's it for now. Off to link up with Jenn!

Final note...In the spirit of this goal post I sewed out of my stash last night. Two pieces of fabric that I was hoarding are now a useful garment for the winter that is upon us. Happy New Year!