Chezzetcook What?

Chezzetcook....It's a funny name isn't it, and how the heck do your pronounce it?

Chezzetcook is the name of a small community on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. This is where I grew up. Over the last several years I have been travelling and living away from Nova Scotia. The further away from the ocean and my home province I got, the more  I realised how important it is to me.

Chezzetcook Inlet from the air
This blog is my little tribute to that small place that had such a big impact on my life. And now, any quilt labelled "Chezzetcook" will carry a little piece of that influence wherever it goes. 

Now, let's get away from the serious stuff. Just for fun, here are some old school pics of me and my sister back in our house in Chezzetcook getting ready to go Trick or Treating

My sister Christina.
Why did a blacked out tooth seem so important to every costume?

That's me - note blacked out tooth again!

Oh right! Still wondering how to pronounce Chezzetcook? Well, I am going to teach you what the locals do -  forget the "t" and add an "n",  say chezzencook! Say it fast and it will come out fine.

A little more about me

Fabric. That was the beginning. What can I do to justify buying all of this fabric? Quilting was the answer. 15 or so years later I found the Modern Quilting movement and it has felt like coming home.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my Husband Max and our two fur babies Penny and The Orange Cat (Orangie to his friends). By day I am a project manager in Home Care, but by night, I am at the sewing machine, seam ripper in hand (and likely a cocktail in the other), sewing away. The Maritimes has an amazing history in quilting, and I am so happy to be a small part of that tradition.


  1. I too,am a quilter who grew up in N.S. In the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I've now lived in Sask for over 40 years but still love to visit N.S. Whenever I can. I'm trending more toward modern quilts now.lots of fun.

  2. I also grew up in NS .. Halifax ... I moved to Newfoundland when I was 29 and couldn't jell there .. too much of a culture shock for me .. I did survive 18 years, had two daughters and then met my present husband in 2004 and now live in Vancouver ... I have been making bags for five years and just about to start my first real quilt ... as soon as I saw Chezzetcook, I knew you were from NS!!!! :)

  3. Me too, from Dartmouth, and back after 20 years in Cape Breton. Been quilting about 25 years, and intrigued by the Modern Quilt movement too. Just wanted to let you know I pinned your blog to my Pinterest board, Nova Scotia Quilts & Quilters, and nearly 60 have repinned already!

  4. Well, no wonder your beach looks like mine. I live in Nova Scotia, too. Cape Breton!

  5. I'm another Nova Scotian living in Saskatchewan, and I have the T-shirt! No matter how long we've been away, we're still Nova Scotians. It's been 40 years for me. I follow your blog regularly and very much enjoy seeing the things you make. My home was in Guysborough County, about half an hour from the causeway and from Antigonish. I have a sister and two brothers still in NS and try to visit them as often as I can

  6. I'm another Nova Scotian but living in Boston. I'm getting ready to retire to SW NS and looking forward to it. Love your blog and have it bookmarked.

  7. I found Chezzetcook Modern Quilts on a google map. I'm a quilter looking for places to visit. I'm from Ontario and planning a road trip to the east coast this summer....I will be driving right through your small piece of paradise.