Sunday 4 March 2012

Let the Bee begin

This month I took a leap and joined my first virtual quilting bee. Stash Bee is some exciting stuff. It is month one and I am already learning new skills. Over the next twenty months or so, I will endeavour to make a block from my stash for my fellow Hive #3 Bee members, and one month will provide them with a tutorial to make a block for me. At the end I will have about 20 blocks to make a quilt with contributions from all of these great quilters.

In and effort to practice my tutorial skills, I would like to walk you through my first block for the Bee:

Start with three 2.5 strips of fabric from light to dark (in green at the request of Debbie, this month's Queen Bee):

Sew the strips together and cut at a 45 degree angle:

Cut the other side to make a triangle: 

Cut the triangle in half and put them together to make a square:

Once sewn they will make a 6 1/4' Square.

Then comes the petal! Debbie provided us with a petal template which was fused on to the block with fusible interfacing and appliqued on (leaving room for the 1/4" seam at the bottom). Like so:

Ta Da! My first Bee Block!

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  1. Hooray for Stash Bee! Your block looks great!