Wednesday 8 May 2013

ModQImprovB the Canadian Edition!

You have all heard me talk about my experience with Stash Bee over the last year. It is the first on-line quilt bee (any quilt bee for that matter) that I joined and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You get to use your own stash and each month you really learn a lot. Here are a few of my contributions

Soooo, I met Carolyn through Stash Bee, she is one of my hive mates. She has been keen to start a modern / improv on line bee. While she was gauging interest on Facebook, some of the responders asked about international participation, and Carolyn suggested maybe I would like to start a Canadian Chapter (look at us - chapters!).

You know me (or at least you are starting to), I am always up for something new, and if it means I get to organize something even better!  Fact - I am a Project Manager in my day job - this shit is right up my alley!

So I am so happy to announce the birth of ModQImprovB Canada. If you are interested in joining, we still have spots open - come on over to Facebook that will be the base of our operations and sharing.

Here are the details about the Bee

ModQImprovB is a modern improv on line quilt bee.
Our bee will last 10-12 months depending on the number of participant

Each month we will take turns being the host "queen bee". The queen bee will design or gives direction for the type of block he or she would like including fabric color preferences; then the other members make a block and send to the month leader. The next month another member gets a turn, and so on, until all of the quilt bee members have hosted a month. At the end, each member should receive enough blocks to make a quilt.

You use the fabric from your stash to make your block for the queen bee. Block sizes are usually 12-14” so that we have large enough blocks to get a decent finished quilt.

In addition to sharing on Facebook, Carolyn has also started a Flickr group for both the US and Canada Chapters so that we can all get inspired. You can find the group here

So, want to try something new? Why don't you join us? 

I have to be completely honest, I know little to nothing about improv, but have been wanting to learn. I think this is going to be the perfect opportunity. 

Bee on!


  1. I might like to join! I've never done a bee but this seems like a friendly way to do it. BTW I'm also in Nova Scotia, Halifax!

    1. Come on over Sara, would love to have you, and maybe out bee could be face to face!, Jennifer, another Nova Scotian has just joined as well.

  2. Is it at all possible to join without a Facebook account? I've never joined a bee but i've been thinking it's about time i do. Should i just bite the bullet and join Facebbok?

    1. * or maybe first learn how to spell Facebook? dur. *

    2. Hi Nicole - for sure, we would love to have you! Shall I sign you up? I would not want to push you into facebook (sometimes I wish I never signed into the addiction) but it will be the main place where we share and keep on track. I will ultimately leave it up to you. We can work together either way, let me know :)

    3. Sign me up!... i'm thinking i'll have my sister walk me through the ins and outs of facebook this weekend and just suck it up and join :)

    4. Awesome! Will look forward to "seeing" you there :)