Wednesday 31 July 2013

WiP Wednesday: The one with cabins

It has been quite awhile since I had something to show for WiP Wednesday. What a slacker! Well, I have been busy this week working on the Tilted Cabins quilt. Last night I finished all of the log cabin blocks and the background is cut and ready for top piecing!


I am really liking how the blocks are looking together. I think adding the grey to the red and blue scheme has made this quilt a little more "grown up".

I love how when I start a project, cut fabric starts like this

and ends up like this

I have made the decision to Quilt as I Go with this one. I find these days that I have a ball piecing my tops, but then when I quilt, it does not go well and I feel very let down by the finished product. I mean I know the quilting is not "awful", but it is not as good as I think it could be (and trust me folks I am not a perfectionist when it comes to my craft - perhaps I should be - but I have too much fun doing it to put that much pressure on myself). I guess the bottom line is that I would like my quilting to be better!

When I think about why my quilting is lacking, I think I have a couple of barriers. Both related to my machine. Now, don't get me wrong, My Kenmore and I have been together many years (and likely more to come) and have held it together through good times and bad, but she does have a few major drawbacks. One - a small throat

Trying to jam a quilt of any size - and I do mean Jam people - through this tiny throat means everything gets plain fugly. I get mad, I get sore shoulders, and stitches tend to go off track, get inconsistent and fabric pulling and puckering is an issue.

Second, is the lack of a quilting surface. This model did not come with a "flatbed" extension table (and at the time that I bought it, I really didn't know I needed it), which means there is a lot of tension and pull on the quilt as I am working, not good. But I do have some good news about this problem. I have ordered one of these

I do not have it in my hot little lands yet, but will be sure to report when I do! (excited about this, can you tell!?!)

Anyway, all of that being said, I am going to use Maureen Cracknell's approach to QAYG and quilt each log cabin block individually and then piece the top all together. I think the result will be way better and since this quilt is a commission, my customer should be pleased:)

Do you have problems with quilting or have any tips? Always looking to be better!

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So, that's it for me on this Wednesday, back to the blocks...


  1. I have the same issue as you with quilting, and also I think my table is way too small so even once I wrestle the quilt through my machine, it has nowhere to go, so that makes it harder yet to move. I have been quilting bigger things in pieces and that does help.

  2. QAYG is a good way to solve some of the problems of a small machine. I used it for a couple of quilts before I got the long arm. I just take time and patience--both of which we're usually in short supply of! You have a great attitude, though.

    May I make a suggestion? Push your work table up into a corner so that the quilt can not slide off the edge of the table. That helps to keep some of the weight off the machine and your shoulders.

  3. Pretty blocks, I like the fabrics you are using. I'll have to check out that QAYG method, sounds interesting. So what's the name of the the table you ordered?

  4. Love your blocks and think QAYG will be a good option for them.

    FMQing with that small of a throat and no surface is a challenge. I think you will love your new extension. And when it's time for a new machine, you will know so much better what exactly you want/need. It's all part of the learning curve!

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. First of all, i love these blocks!! Gorgeous colour palette! Second... i have the exact same problem with my old Ken. Such a small throat on him! There's been times where i though perhaps a crowbar would be needed to get the quilt through. I've also been wanting to pick up an extension table for mine but i keep telling myself that i'll just save up for a new machine... i must be delusional, so not in my budget right now! Can't wait to see how the QAYG turns out, it's on my list of things to try, so i'll be back to pick your brain about it :)

  6. You will love the table!! Take a look at "Sew Adjustable" extension tables on line....they will fit any machine. I bought one and love it.

  7. Great blocks. I have the same problem - I find having a few drinks while I quilt to be very helpful. I totally need to get one of those table thingies. I have a Singer Simple machine and she is just not a big lady. I don't really make very large quilts. I have wanted to try Maureen Cracknell's qayg method, but I haven't had the right project. Good luck and I'll come by and see how it's going.

  8. Absolutely love these squares! Gray has a way of calming down other colors. It is great!

  9. I just love square in square blocks! The colors you chose definitely make it more grown up. Good luck getting it quilted. I know quilting a big quilt is tough (I'm tackling one right now), but I bought a slider, and it has helped.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  10. Love, love, love those colours! Makes me want to go buy a load of cool blues and sharp reds. Greys have been sneaking into the shopping basket for months.

    I got an extension table with my machine and (when I remember to use it), it helps. The other thing that really makes a difference for me with regards to shoulder strain are those silly quilting gloves. The look: ridiculous. I started using them for free motion work, but now I use them whenever I quilt.

    You'll have to give me a lesson on this QAYG business!