Sunday 6 October 2013

Oh Deer Baby!: A Finish

My sad story for today, I have a cold. I am afraid that it may be a man cold too, because I am super pathetic and whiny. I had big plans this weekend, a lot of sewing and a stitch and bitch with my friend Jenn was on the agenda. Needless to say, it is hard to sew between naps and clutching the Kleenex box. However, not to be kept down, I stuck a tissue up my nose long enough to quilt and get the binding on this adorable baby quilt.

I actually had this top together and ready to go a while ago, but this week I decided that I wanted to do quite a lot of quilting on it, so I took the four blocks apart and did some Quilt as You Go. I am super happy with the quilting and after the wash it got so deliciously crinkly!
The flannel on the back certainly helps it's cuddliness too...
No exotic photo shoot today. I stayed in the yard, so that I wouldn't have to get dressed. See what I mean... man cold.
The fall colors definitely help, and Penny jumped in to assist:)

I was excited to read about TGIFF OctoberQuest. What a great motivation to get those WiPs done! the first linky party is over at Quokkaquilts, so I am headed over there to link up. I wonder how many more finishes I can accomplish this month??

That's me for today, time to decontaminate the keyboard and get back to bed.
I hope you have a happy sewing week!


  1. Hope you are feeling (like a woman) better in no time, Adrienne! I admire your determination. What a sweet finish. Love the colours and the quilting! Good to see you had some help in the photography session. Penny is so photogenic!

  2. First off, get well soon! Second, love this quilt. I especially love the photo with the pumpkins and kitty. Feels so warm and cozy!

  3. Gorgeous finish Adrienne! And again with the fantastic photo's!
    I just love the fabrics and colours in this quilt, perfect!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. A very lovely finish, Adrienne. Hope you are feeling better. You did manage some pretty good pictures, so it must be a woman cold after all.

  5. This is so cute! I'm sorry you have a cold :(

  6. I missed you on Sunday, but I'm kind of happy you kept your man cold at home! Pam... Pam... Paaammm. Will you call my mom? :) I love the Oh Deer! finish and your gorgeous photo shoot!

  7. I have a beginner quilter question... Did you attach the batting to the back? or the front? or none at all? I have done a couple quilts that appear perfectly square, until I put the back together with the front. I'm not sure where in the process (batting & quilting) that I go wrong. I love your work (and your kitty too)! It turned out so cute!! Hope you are starting to feel better!

    1. Hi Jenica! So exciting that you are getting into Quilting. When I read your question, my mind went directly to a series of posts I have been following on another blog "Sarah Quilts" about making your first quilt. Here is the link to the posts

      and more specifically here is the link to the post where she talks about layering and basting :

      I can not tell you any clearer than this and she has pictures!

      I hope this helps. Let me know how you make out and I would love to see pictures :)

      Happy Quilting!

  8. What a cute quilt! Great pics too. Have you done much QAYG and what made you decide to do it that way, just curious. I have yet to try that.

  9. What a colorful quilt! Lovely fabrics! Congrats with your finish and get well soon!