Thursday 26 December 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous

I was going to wait until the new year to talk about this, but they have started, the sales! And by they I mean my LQS, and every on-line fabric store I can imagine. Oh I want to buy fabric everywhere, because it is on sale. I don't need it, I just want it. That's right, I am a fabriholic.

My stash today. All 24 boxes are full. A lot of the tops will not close...
Two years ago I had sewn my stash down to almost nothing. It felt great, it felt free. Since then I have been building up my stash. Now I will say I have been doing A LOT more quilting in the last couple of years, so the growth of my stash is natural. But seriously, at this point I know that I have enough in the stash to get me through a whole year of projects.

the "Large Cuts" drawer
So I don't need any fabric, and I don't have any extra money to speak of, so it is time for a fabric intervention. Last week, Leigh Anne over at Ella's Cottage talked about the FabricFast 2014 that she is embarking on. This got me so inspired! And then I came upon Rebecca's Fabriholics Anonymous at Making Rebecca Lynne.

I am in! Here is how it works...
  • To use the Stash I already have!
  • Finish UFOs without distraction by shifting to other new beautiful fabric.
  • Stop the insanity of constantly buying the latest and greatest fabric.
  • Save the $ I spend on stashing - I want to go to Quiltcon in 2015. let the saving begin! 
  • Destash the fabrics that I realize I am never going to use.
  • No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014.
  • At 6 months I will reevaluate and decide whether to keep going for the full year. 
  • I am extending the fabric fast to books / patterns / magazines too. I have so many on my shelf now, I need to use them (See The Library Project for how I am handling this issue). I currently have a subscription to Quilty magazine, I will keep that until it expires.
  • I can purchase batting or quilt backing fabric to finish projects but will try to piece backings from my stash where I can, and I am going to hit the thrift stores for things like cotton sheets as an alternative to buying "new' fabric for backings.
  • I can buy white or background fabric e.g. another solid if I need it. 
  • I can purchase thread or notions, as needed.
  • Commissioned Quilts - fabric for those quilts can be purchased - they pay for themselves!
  • For Bees - I am in two quilt bees. Both work using fabric in your stash, but for the rare occasion where I do not have what my bee mate needs, I will have to make a purchase
Tops waiting for assembly and quilting

Also as part of the challenge, I need to lay out my UFO/WIP list, to keep myself on track. Here is the list:
  • Patchwork Wheel - needs backing and binding
  • Postage Stamps Quilt (Commission) - pretty well everything needed. Top is started. 
  • Giant Star Quilt (times two!) - needs to be quilted and bound
  • x and + Quilt - needs to be quilted and bound
  • Churn Dash Quilt - Top needs piecing, quilting and binding
  • Sugar Block Club - Everything! Only have 4 of 12 blocks made
  • Tennessee Road Quilt - Everything! Fabric cut. That is all.
Well this list is not too bad. All fun projects :)

I am feeling pretty stoked about this Fast. Will you be taking the challenge this year? You are not alone :) Thanks again Leigh Anne for lighting that fire under my butt!


  1. No fasting for me this year!!! I just want to know which shops are having the best sales;) I'm so supportive.

  2. Good luck dude! There's no way humanly possible for me to take on this... i freely admit to having no will power what so ever! Though i am going to try and make a conscious effort to use my stash up a bit ;) maybe.

  3. I would never last. I work in a quilt shop so temptation is all around me ; )

  4. I am doing this too and am already thinking about what I can't buy! Need to be thinking what I will get made! Good luck!

  5. Sounds like a great idea....but I am weak. I just love purchasing new fabric but I have been cutting back over the last couple of months. Good luck!

  6. I have been on a fast due to finances for the last 3 years and my stash is so small... Now my rule is i can spend half of anything i make from my stores and customers on stash fabric! lol. but im using it as fast as i buy it! akk. I do use sheets for backing... i am even cutting the left over peices into 12X12 squares and piecing them for backings!

  7. No way! It's one guilty pleasure I can have all to myself!

  8. YAY! I am excited to be doing this along with other people :) And I have been thinking I want to go to something quilty. I really wanted to go the Brenda's Camp Stitch a Lot with Tula Pink and Katy Jones but that probably won't be happening. QuiltCon2015 though is far enough away that I just might be able to do it. Great inspiration!!

  9. Thinking about your post, then realize I have Christmas $$$$ burning a hole in my purse! No fabric? No way! In fact, heading out soon!

  10. I think your fast is a great idea! Not that I'm saying you have too much fabric (what is too much?) because I have more than you do. I'm sure as you dig into your stash you will have fun rediscovering fabric you loved. Maybe I should consider this fabric fast for myself.....

  11. I'm taking this challenge and I too am struggeling with the sales that are provoking me this time of year. One of my BQF (best quilty friends) gave me a gift certificate to one of the local shops as brthday gift and I'm holding onto it for the time being that I need to go out and support the LQS. best of luck -- your studio looks great

  12. I've been tempted to do a FabricFast as well. But I really do enjoy buying fabric. And I can stop buying any time I want to. And I've never missed a day of work to buy fabric (though I'd consider it!) I do think I'll adopt a more thoughtful approach to my purchasing. I'm on a two year stretch of not buying quilt magazines and I'm pretty proud of it! :)

  13. I am on the fence about this fabric fast...

  14. beautiful stash...good luck!

  15. I'm in with you. Thanks for the QuiltCon 2015 idea--sounds like it would be an amazing experience to save for.
    I have fallen in love with some of my elderly stash fabrics again, after carefully going thru it all (part of the "list your UFOs" venture). Wishing you luck, and creative inspiration as you use things up!

  16. Adrienne,
    Well done, I'm on board with this for my stash, I am focused on using up the fabric I already have. I have a post coming up on this subject soon at my blog, I'd love it if you followed my blog?
    carli the quilter at gmail dot com

  17. Hi Again, Adrienne. No longer on the fence... I am doing this! With some exceptions of course. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post.

  18. Hi Adrienne - lovely to meet you! I love your quilt shots in the snow - no snow will ever happen for me in Melbourne, Australia, so rather jealous!! I will enjoy doing this F.A. together!

  19. I've joined too. The fact that fabric is so expensive here in Italy does help though!