Sunday 23 February 2014

A funny thing happened...

As I was sewing today I thought "oh I must write a blog post tonight and talk about what I worked on this weekend, I got a lot done!". But then I stopped and thought "no you might as well wait so that you can link up with WiP Wednesday, and don't forget you need to post for  A lovely Year of Finishes, and you should time the next Library Project post with this project..." it went on and on.

I fear that I may be a slave to linky parties.

Now before you get all excited, I love linky parties. I mean I created one this year with The Library Project QAL! I am not getting all high and mighty and not joining in.  I love linking up with this amazing on-line community. And let's face it, the more you link up,  the more those connections happen.

But when did I start feeling like I should only post at specific times, instead of writing when I feel like it? When I have something to share or just talk? I don't like the way this makes me feel. I blog to connect, true, but also because this is my creative journal, I should write when inspiration strikes right?

So, here is what I did this weekend.
First things first, I got back in the saddle with the rotary cutter. I am not going to lie, my index finger was mighty shy at the prospect of dealing with that sharp pizza cutter again. But cutting was a breeze.

Sewing, now that is another story. I must have hit my finger on the sewing machine 10 times yesterday. The darned thing sticks out because I am trying to protect it, but that also means it jabs right into the machine. Oh well, quilting is pain right? No that's not right. Beauty is pain? Whatever, moving on.

I kept working on Summer Tracks / The Slasher quilt top at the MMQG Sew In. I have all of the rows together now so the complete top is soon to follow.

I also got caught up on my Bee Blocks. Some Domino blocks for Global Scrap Bee

And a Bottled Rainbow Block for ModQImprovB Canada. This was only the second time that I have  attempted machine applique, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I mean not perfect, but pretty good!

Today I finished Melanie's second Postage Stamps Quilt!!!! So excited about this. I finished after dark so no pictures today, and really a finished quilt deserves it's own post doesn't it?! Just as fun though, here is a pic of my helper today. I could not get Penny away from the last day of Olympic coverage, and when I am quilting a big quilt she likes to get under it on the table.

So, that's me. Posting on Sunday night, before the crazy that is my workweek begins. And I am not linking up anywhere!

Oh, and if I haven't said so lately - thanks for dropping by :)


  1. I know how you feel, Adrienne. I had the Cosmic quilt done for a week, but I was like, "Nope - got to wait till the linky!" I do plan my main posts out in advance, though, so then I feel like I know what I have to wait for and everything else can be extra and when-it-happens : ) On a side note, I do not know how you're being that productive with your finger all wrapped up. I guess I'm just a wuss about pain like that because I think I'd be taking a little design-only break, but you have gotten so much sewing done!

  2. Amen, sister!!! I like to link, but I know exactly what you mean. Let's post whenever we feel like, not when the next linky is up! Looks like a productive week-end, glad to see the finger is on the mind.

  3. I think you should blog when you want to blog and link up when the links appear. Your blog post doesn't need to happen on the day of the link.

  4. No question - you had a productive week-end! And too true that we got into this to share our process and love of the craft. Yay for posting whenever the spirit moves you!

    And congrats on finishing those Postage Stamps. I feel like that deserves a medal. Maybe I'll quilt you one! :)

  5. Yes, blog when you want to! We still love to read it,no matter what day! Saturday was lots of fun, I'm so glad I found you guys and I do feel good about what I accompolished-even if it was less then I aimed for!!

  6. Enjoyed reading your post. I have not linked for a week to any linky parties, which is abit strange as I usally try not to miss any. I've decided that it was much more import to sew and I'm glad I did. Sometimes you just need a break!

  7. I hear ya, and I have had the same thoughts too. I don't have many followers, so I am trying to build up, but at the same time, I started the blog for me, and for my mom to see what I am doing, so I should just post what I want, when I want...right?? Sorry to hear about your finger still.

  8. Looks like so many of us feel the same way about the pressure to blog on certain schedules. I felt that way too often last year and decided I'm too old for that. {Maybe because I'm postmenopausal.} I decided to make that my policy: nothing monthly, just whenever the mood strikes me. I should start a Hot Flash linky party!

  9. Oh, and also...your Bottled Rainbow project is stunning, and the machine applique is just amazing!

  10. I really enjoyed this post! I have had the same thoughts at times that I should wait to post because of something or other and then I realize I'm cheating myself of a fun post. Also, I cut the edge of my finger about 6 weeks ago with the rotary cutter and had to laugh (wince) at your trials with the bandaged finger. Funny how you bang it SO much more after because of the bandaging. It took me quite a while not to jerk my finger back (weirdly) in reaction to remembered pain.:) Love your slasher quilt. Great colors!

  11. Adrienne, these are beautiful! You worked hard yesterday. Penny is beautiful!

  12. I find most of my post's are either on Wednesday or Friday. And i've been doing it that way for so long that even the days i don't post on either of those days the traffic on my blog goes up. I think i may have worked myself into a Wednesday/Friday corner and can now only post on those two days!!
    Loving your Summer Tracks quilt and great job on the bottled rainbow block, i really have to get my butt in gear on that one! Hope your finger is starting to feel batter :)

  13. I don't have a blog (yet) but for what it's worth I think you should post whenever you like. I have found so many wonderful blogs to follow through linky parties. If I come across a blog I already follow no biggie but I also find some new ones I haven't seen before too.

  14. Bahaha. You are hilarious. So sorry about your finger getting in the way. It's kinda like when you go to the dentist and your tongue starts to do weird things.

    Hope all is good.