Sunday 6 April 2014

Two Birds & All That

This is me, killing two birds with one stone, or one post in this case.

First up - Triangles! So there is a reason why I usually don't sign up for Quilt Alongs. Because I can never keep up! I am already a week, and very soon to be two weeks behind with the Triangle QAL being hosted by The Sassy Quilter. But that does not mean that I am giving up! This week I took the fabric on a work road trip so that I could at least get it pressed and starched. This is my first time using starch. I suspect I did not use enough, but time will tell...

Then last night I got the triangles cut. You can use an equilateral triangle or the 60 degree lines on your regular 6 x 24 ruler to cut your triangles. Not wanting to invest in another ruler, I chose my regular ruler and it worked like a charm!

Penny Photo bomb

Next step is to lay them out in rows and sew the rows together. I suspect that will be another week away for me. But in the mean time I like looking at this stack. Makes me happy.

Next up - my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.

A few months ago I needed a quick fix and put together two Giant Star Quilt tops based on Jeni Baker's tutorial.

Time to get those babies quilted! Well one of them anyway. My first dilemma was how to quilt it. Wanting to be kind to myself I decided to take the top apart into four quarters so that I could do some QAYG. 

Check out these straight lines!

The goal - to get this quilt finished!

To sum up - I am terrible at QAL deadlines, my kitty is a photo bomber, triangles stacked in a pile are just as good as those stretched out on a design wall, I want to QAYG everything and I am kicking ass at straight line quilting right now!

Off I go to link up with The Triangle QAL and A Lovely Year of Finishes.

I hope you have a great sewing week!


  1. Glad you got your triangles cut! You'll find a rhythm I bet as you piece your rows. At least, I found that once I settled in, they started to come together a bit more quickly.

  2. Hey I just joined this QAL today, something about triangles.... Yours look great, and your star does too, I have used Jenni's tutorial a few times, love the results of the giant star!!

  3. whoa...your triangle stack is so very neat and tidy! It is a thing of beauty. Loving the quilting on the large star quilt. You can do it!

  4. Oooooh, I just want to squeeze that stack of triangles! This quilt is on my want-to-make list. I'll be watching the sew along until I make time for my own.

  5. Looks like a productive use of stuck-in-hotel time! Good job on the quilting - bet the quadrants are much easier to manage.

  6. These are coming along nicely! My first time using starch as well :)

  7. glad to see that you are doing the triangle QAL and not throwing in the towel on it. It looks like we are using some similar fabrics with that yellow and black you have going on over there -- great minds right. My kitties are photo bombers also -- it comes with the territory I suppose.

  8. Your pile of triangles is very yummy! And your straightline quilting is perfect.

  9. Love your stack of triangles! Did you press them in a hotel room? :) I use Best Press when I press my quilting fabric, but this time I actually used Faultless starch from WalMart instead.
    And you're right - you are kicking ass at straight-line quilting!

  10. Go you and your awesome straight lines!! And good call on the QAYG giant star. I have one in the pile too that needs to be quilted, unfortunately i've put borders around it and can't take it apart to QAYG :(
    Loving your triangles too, can't wait to see them up on the wall!

  11. Love your triangle pile! I'm two weeks behind the QAL and thank goodness I decided to make a mini version! Your cat is really funny, my one has the same habit!

  12. Ahh... another QAL temptation! Great fabric selections! And the straight quilting looks great!
    Did you have a look at the starching tutorial from Pile o Fabrics? She's my starch guru!

  13. I may just steal your straight line quilting... my giant star has been basted for a year and I haven't been able to decide how to quilt it LOL!