Tuesday 13 May 2014

WiP Wednesday: The one with a cramped cubby

So this is going on right now in my sewing room. Right now.

I had big plan this week. Big plans I tell you! There would be a WiP Wednesday post with some real magic, some real inspirational sewing goodness. But instead I looked at all of my WiPs stuffed into this cubby and realized the magic is gone.

Sweet mother, how all of a sudden did the WiPs get so out of control? Two months ago I would have told you I was on top of it all! Now? Clearly not so much. Here is the truth of my WiP List:

  • A Baby quilt for me new niece - needs quilting and binding
  • A tote bag - needs a bit of everything
  • The Volume Quilt - much. more. to. do. to get a top
  • My Triangle quilt for the Triangle QAL (way long over now!) - top needs piecing etc etc
  • Michael Miller Fabric Challenge - I have the fabrics at least
  • Cammo Quilt - again, I have the fabrics
  • Canadian Flag Custom Pillow - have a pattern in mind (big deal)
  • A Lush Uptown Camp Quilt - stuff is cut up
  • A giant star quilt - needs quilting and binding
  • May Bee Blocks - for two Bees!
  • A pincushion for Maritime Modern Quilt Guilds Pin Cushion Swap

Holy crap people, things are out of control.
So, no magic today, but a swift kick in the behind to get in that sewing room and get busy!
How are your WiPs? Taking over, or are you kicking ass and taking quilt names?

Feeling overwhelmed by it all, don't forget it's Great Big Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew this week. Get away from the WiPs and enter some great giveaways. My giveaway is here.

Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Adrienne: Love your post. My works in progress are piled on a chair but i think they look a lot like yours. Triangle quilt along is not way over it's just a litlle over. I didn't participate in that one but I'm sure I wouldn't be done either. I did participate in the penny patch in November. It's still not finished. I like the quilt in your mast head. I made the same quilt in almost the same colours. Mines a bit darker though.

  2. I feel your pain! My WIPs are out of control too, and if I drag my sewing machine out I have to make curtains and cushions for the rocking chairs on the porch instead of a quilt. Torture! I will quilt again...someday.

  3. But shovelling out the room takes so much time! I'd rather sew. Perhaps that's why I have so many wip's : )

  4. I have 5 WIPs right now. The 3rd, I've been working on and I am pinning the binding now but I look at some of those WIPs and realize I should get them done. I'm just not feeling the inspiration to finish them. Two of them, I'm just cutting up 5" squares out of my scraps as I complete a quilt to get all the 5" squares I need for those two quilts. So it's progressing...just at a snail pace :)

  5. We are in the same boat, more or less. Plus my sewing room is such a mess that I actually can't work in there. I have a secret weapon, though. Pick the one you are the most passionate about, and get on with it, or if in doubt, clean up your room (this advice is not necessarily for you... looks like I am giving myself a pep talk).

  6. oh yes...very familiar. Keep working at those projects!! Looking good

  7. Oh Adrienne ... my HOUSE is a WIP. It seriously looks like we are moving. I brought boxes up from my studio (I claim the basement now ... no one else helps clean it so it is mine! bwahahaha) to sort on a snowy Wednesday (one of many). Then life kicked in, the kids and husband all developed that crazy cough and virus and took over a week at home to come close to recovering and all sorting and sewing projects came to a complete halt ... ALL OVER MY HOUSE!! Thought I would get a chunk done today but my husband's co-worker is bringing her dog over to stay with us and I think between the dog and our two cats ... well, I think you get the idea. Good luck with your WiPs.

  8. Just take it one at a time and you'll see the pile slowly decrease. I try not to put anything on the WIP or I will prob never finish it.

  9. Oh well... those pesky WiPs do tend to pile up. I like to start with the one that has the least left to do to get it done. Ahh... the sweet satisfaction of crossing it off the list! We'll tackle that tote on Sunday... maybe even cross it off! The Michael Miller Challenge - you're not the only one with little to report! And what's this about a pin cushion swap... I miss one meeting! :)

  10. I feel your pain. I was making progress and then.....nothing.....have to get back on track.

  11. Hahaha! Great post! I have WIPs... I store the parts in containers but the active ones are on my design wall... they stay in my mind if I see them on a daily basis! Good luck! Take it one WIP at a time!! You'll get there!

  12. Right there with you. I even though I was ahead of the game and wrote a WIP Wednesday post on Sunday night and just never got around to taking pictures for it :( I have some custom orders that really need to get done but I have zero motivation to go work on them UGH

  13. Ha! Keep digging, girl, keep digging! You'll find your way to the top of the pile eventually. :-)

  14. Yes! All of a sudden, I have a few WIPs hanging around that just need to be done already : P Good luck getting yours all finished, Adrienne!