Friday 19 September 2014

The Library Project QAL: September Report

It's Friday! It is a beautiful fall day in Nova Scotia today and I am so excited to reporting on my Library Project because I have actually done something! Of course I get too excited and tell all of my secrets as soon as they happen, so a lot of you will have already seen my completed Volume top. But it is worth sharing again!

I have this quilt basted now and it is ready for quilting. My goal is to have it all done by the end of the month. This was my project from Scrap Republic and will mark my third finish of the five books / quilts I chose back in January.

This week I looked back on my picks for this year and I still like my choices, but don't know if I am "feeling" the two that I have left. I think some of you have done the same thing, re-evaluate what you wanted to make through the year. I think this is really natural. You need to be in a groove to make something. Besides it's not like our Libraries are not brimming with options!

So, given how many months are left this year, and the state of my schedule (holy crap I am going to be on the run from now until January) I am going to save this year's picks for later and go a different route, a personal route. Like so many other quilters, I quilt all year long and still do not have a quilt made by me for my own bed! I have been hoarding Anna Maria Fabrics just for this and have been coveting the Herringbone Quilt Tutorial from Maureen Cracknell. So, I am going to make a King Sized Herringbone Quilt for my husband and I for Christmas! I am so excited about this! Some truly selfish sewing.

So, how is your TLP going? How many of your original picks got done, have you changed your mind?

This month our prize is a book of your choice from my personal library. You will be able to chose from these options:
This is a brand new copy - not the one with all of my crazy notes!

Time to link up! Let's see what you have been up to. The link will be open for the next week and the random number guy will pick a winner on Saturday September 27th.
Happy Friday!


  1. Congrats on deciding to be selfish and make a quilt for yourself. Well deserved.

  2. WOW, love your top, can;t wait to see the finished project!! I made a Swoon for our bed earlier this year, Im not sure I LOVE it though, so for now it is folded at the bottom of our bed.

  3. Too funny. I had decided to make the Herringbone quilt next, though mine will be (no surprise) scrappy. Race ya!

  4. I love your Volume Quilt. Just amazes me every time! Good for you to make a quilt for yourself. I have plans to do that for our bed as well but haven't picked out a pattern or the time I suppose lol. Can't wait to see it :)

  5. Love how the Volume quilt is coming along. I think I spied some organic quilting on FB this past week-end too! You're making great progress! ☺