Thursday 21 May 2015

A Finish. True Story.

That's right folks, I have actually sewn something together! It feels good. My sewing mojo has been on hiatus lately, and I'm pretty annoyed that it did not take me with it. But I still have quite a few deadlines. So while I don't really feel like it, I am still hitting the machine on occasion.

But I must say that this little whale of a finish has made my quilty mojo shine just a bit brighter.

This is of course Preppy The Whale from Elizabeth Hartman. The woman is a genius really.

um yeah - I call this SUPER-CRINKLE.
Kona, wave stitch on the new Bernina, a good wash and voila! SUPER-CRINKLE

I must admit that I tried to somehow make fewer whales for a baby version of this quilt. I played with the sashing (making it bigger), but in the end made the number of whales the pattern called for and ended up with a BIG baby quilt. Ah well, I still love it and the wee babe will be able to grow into it.

You see, this quilt is on it's way to Ottawa for the first grandbaby of a colleague. And so, not only because they are whales, but also because its forever home would be inland, I thought this quilt needed to go to the ocean for it's photo shoot.

I happened to be on a trip again to Nova Scotia's South Shore, so to Yarmouth the whales swam. To the Cape Forchu Lighthouse to hang out. Oh I had so many plans for lighthouse/ ocean pics. And I will say that I got a few good ones. But I had BIG plans! And then, well, there were some flip flops, some sunset dampened spring grass, and a slight hill. The rest involved me crawling to my car thinking "why is quilting so dangerous?!"

So even though I have a bit of a limp, which frankly makes cocktail spilling more of a reality, I am really happy still with the photo-finish for these adorable whales. I kind of want to make some for myself now...

Have you tried any of Elizabeth Hartman's animal patterns? Having now done Hazel Hedgehog and these whales, I can say they are great patterns. I mean there are some friggin baby small pieces to deal with in some spots, but it all works!

Anywho, this post / pics have got me all inspired again. Maybe I will go up to my room and touch some fabric. Gotta get ready for Saturday's Sew In with MMQG! I know I will find inspiration there.

I am linking up with TGIFF! this week - because I actually finished something! Woot Woot!


  1. I've seen the preppy whale before and they are just precious! Great finish, even though your photo shoot tried to kill you!

  2. It's a beauty! and what adventures you embark on... definitely could fill an evening telling us your photo shoot stories! on another note, I am also finding it extremely hard to find my sew-jo lately. must be something in the air...

  3. Yeah!! The whales are awesome. But now you can spill your cocktails and have a legit excuse. LOL

  4. You are so funny! But I am sorry that the photo shoot turned on you. Luckily you do have some precious pictures to show us. The Preppy whales are so stinking cute! I'll have to just buy the pattern and do a baby sized for myself. I did buy the Hedgehog pattern, but I have yet to make it. But I will! Good luck on your sew-Jo. I have a rather painful neurological condition that makes mine come and go in the same week, even the same day sometimes. I'm so grateful for sewing, though, because it has given me a great focus on something that can be beautiful, or funny, or meaningful, or cute, or whatever, but always a positive! So, if not sewing right now, I hope that great sense of humor and yourself are occupied with the positive. And heal up, you never know when a finish might call for another dangerous mission! Haha!

  5. do get yer little self in the odd predicament don't you?
    Seems you've gone and super-crinkled your ankle right along with the quilt! For the record, just in case you have never received the memo, hiking in flip flops is always a bad idea. Always. Just as sewing up the right number of whales is always a good idea. Always.
    I'm just relieved that no whales, preppy or otherwise, we're harmed in the taking of these photos. The pics are great! Dare I say it was worth it? 2.5 inch strips of Kona should wrap your ankle quite nicely should you need a medicinal excuse to buy a jelly roll, and some Jack will soothe your bruised ego. Falling sucks on so many levels.
    I'm looking forward to my first Elizabeth Hartman pattern...Pointy... and another stack of Kona to play with.

  6. Beautiful finish. You do go out of your way to show awesome backgrounds for your photo. Just love them but now I'm missing home. Must plan a trip for September 2016. Love your photo shoot stories. Feel better soon.

  7. Preppy & Pals look fabulous and their photoshoot location is perfection. I'm a little sad that they have to live so far from the salt air, but such is life for a trendy little pod of whales. The scallop stitch worked well and I especially like the little pop of blue you included in the binding.

    Remember! If you fall...

  8. Love the wave stitch. Love the whales. Love the lighthouse (we were there last summer!).
    Love it love it love it.

    I am in need of a sew-in big time right now. Can't make this one though, boo...

  9. It's gorgeous and EH is a genius! Hope you recover - the photos look great!

  10. Great quilt and great photos !

  11. Love your Preppy the Whale Quilt!
    And the pictures are soooo goood!

  12. This is wonderful! Such a happy quilt :)

  13. Gorgeous! Love the crinkly look :) I really should take more of my quilts up to the lighthouse since it's just a short drive away for me ;)

  14. Quilting is most definitely a dangerous past-time ... especial for the hip pocket lol. Fabulous finish you have here and well done for taking one for the team to get some great pics :)

  15. Love your whales, Adrienne. And the scalloped quilting was a perfect choice. Well done... and well worth 'taking one for the team' to get these great pics!

  16. Awesome finish! I love Elizabeth's patterns and you've made Preppy especially cute! What great photos too.

  17. Beautiful work! And I absolutely love your photos, definitely makes me want to take a trip out east (and miss being near water - Alberta doesn't have much!) Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF!