Tuesday 8 September 2015

WiP Wednesday: The one with everything

So yeah, it has been relatively quiet around here as of late. To be honest I have just not been feeling the bloggy vibe lately. I have been sewing though. I haven't been super productive but I have always had a a project (or five) on the go. Now I say on the go because I seem to have quite a pile of almost dones, and they have all reached the same point...quilting!

Today I was determined to put everything in front of me and make a plan. No more WiPs. Get this shit done! First to wrap up this baby! A mini quilt which will soon be released from the quilty protection program as it will be swapped at the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Thursday. I cannot wait for my swap partner to see this. I hope she likes it!

Then I have two more quilts basted and ready for quilting and binding

Oh and I started something new because I just wanted to. I have so many things I want to make, and the satisfaction of cutting stuff is getting the better of me.

And I have started quilting this special quilt which is also in the Protection Program but will be released any day now.  *** Update! Finished this one today!!! 

And then I have this top. Just a top, waiting for backing etc etc. I was so in love with the idea of this quilt using my sacred Jelly Role of Carolyn Friedlander Botanics. Long story short, it has turned out dull. I made a bad choice with Kona Silver as my background so the prints don't pop. Lesson leaned. But I have decided on a texture adventure plan to spruce this one up. So let's add that to the list.


*** Update! I dug into this one today. Pieced a back, basted and quilted! Stay tuned for the reveal. 

So yeah, that makes five major WiPs on the books (with more minor ditties hanging out in the wings, likely more on those later...)

I guess now that I have put them out there I need to work on them. Thank you for being the person sitting beside the couch while I get this all off my chest.

How many WiPs are lurking in your house? Don't be shy. No ones looking.


  1. Wonderful projects! Love the last quilt! Looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  2. I normally don't have many WIP's, typically 1 hand sewing project and 1 machine sewing project. Lately though, I've had things stack up. I've got 2 tops that need basted and quilted, then my long term hand sewing project and I'm playing/learning EPP, so that generates...stuff. Lol. I've said before I need to just goal set and get things done!

  3. Oh I don't know, 5, 6, 7, 8? projects in the works and about 28 finished quilt tops waiting for quilting. It gets pretty wild around here sometimes.:) Looks like you have a very productive plan going on!

  4. Nice to see there are so many projects graduating from the program! And it's been fun to get a peek of them on instagram, Adrienne. All of your quilts and projects look fabulous! TBH... I was surprised to see your shot of the quilting on those geese.... without the use of a walking foot.

  5. You can do it. I often go through spurts of sewing as well. I have a lot of WIP's on the go, but I refuse to count so I don't get discouraged.

  6. I have to admit that I have a few WIPs lurking! With so much inspiration (and beautiful new fabric lines) being a click away, I find that it's easy to get excited about starting a new project.

  7. That chain quilt looks good. Hope you finish it.

  8. Love that you had to keep undating! Good for you. You're on a roll. They all look great