Saturday 31 October 2015

Saturday Sew Day!

Stop the presses! I sewed something today! Been busy lately and am just not getting the sewing time I would like / need. Today I needed to get settled with some custom orders I have on the "must get done" list. First, a new flag pillow. This time, Dutch!

I started this at last week's MMQG Sew In by getting the background Konas sewed up and quilted. I used matching thread and wavy lines - it is a flag after all, my MMQG quilty consult friends pointed out.

Now to get that lion on there. Not too difficult a process but the cutting out of the bugger was some time I will never get back. First I printed out the lion and cut him out. Then I fused a piece of Kona Pepper to some fusible interfacing, glued my lion to the paper on the back and cut him out again.

Then I fused the wee bugger to the flag and top stitch appliqued all of his tiny pointy bits. I gave the Janome a proper Pivoting workout!

That lion is impressive, if I do say so myself, even from the back! Speaking of the back. Nothing too exciting on the back. I really should jazz those up sometime...

I am pretty happy with how this project turned out. Ready to deliver to it's forever home on Monday!

In other news I worked on a second order today as well. Some Quilt As You Go Christmas stockings. I have been documenting my process all day, so look for a tutorial on these lovelies soon!

Oh and this week I learned to knit! Tell you more about that later too!

Now, back to the trick or treaters. And what I mean by that is "back to eating all of the small chocolate bars left over after we had two kids come to the door".

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great flag, that lion must have been....time consuming. It looks awesome though.

  2. Shew, I bet that lion was a pain in the butt to cut out and stitch! But so worth it in the end, great job! :) Looking forward to the QAYG stocking post, they look cute!

  3. Wow! I'm sew impressed! It was pretty fiddle stitching around that lion, but I know sweet Janome was up to the task!

  4. Awesome job on the cushion! Your lion is very, very impressive. Love that you are knitting too.

  5. Squeee! That's one impressive lion, woman! I can hear you ROAR!
    You earned those damn lil chocolate bars....
    Quite the Sew day you had, 5 finishes is amazing!

  6. Impressive is right. He is gorgeous. Lots of work but the end result is amazing. The stockings are very nice and I look forward to the tutorial.

  7. Great flag. That lion must have taken quite a lot of time.

  8. That pillow is wicked good! And we need to talk about this knitting business! :)