Tuesday 26 September 2017

On Point

Do you watch The Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters? I do! I love seeing how things are made in "real life" and I like that she drinks wine and eats chocolate while she does it. I may do that too, just saying.

On one episode she showed the On Point Quilt (you can download the pattern for free HERE). I really liked that this quilt looks like complicated triangles but it has a really neat processes that turns long tubes into triangles. I love time saving tricks. The other nice thing about this pattern is that it is Jelly Roll friendly. I happened to win a Jelly Roll recently so I was in!

I started making the quilt (with my sparkly new Jelly Roll) and realized it would be a great beginner quilt if we made it just a bit smaller into a baby size. So with some amazing Dear Stella fabric from Patch Halifax, I made this sample and am now teaching it to some budding quilters at Patch.

I do plan to go back to my Jelly Roll version, and will make it to the original pattern size (66 x 71). So stay tuned for that finish. I am using it as as sample at class so hope to have finished with my students!

You should totally check out this pattern if you want to learn a new trick for triangles.

Annnnnnd....believe it or not, I am now caught up on telling you about my quilty business from the last few months! Phew!

Of course I always have one or ten projects on the go, so don't go too far. I am sure there will be more of me here soon. Now that summer is winding down the itch to sew is even greater!


  1. Oh, this is SO pretty! The fabrics are gorgeous, and the pattern really sparkles. Thanks for the link to the pattern, I'm going to check that out. I must have missed that episode of the Midnight Quilt Show. Angela's sense of humor cracks me up :)

  2. This is beautiful. I'm itching to get the pattern and see how it all works.

  3. This pattern is on my to-do list. I love watching the episodes. Good luck with the class.

  4. I love the Midnight Quilt Show and this pattern is already on my to do list! I just have to find the perfect jelly roll for it (or maybe I should just use my stash and cut my own!!). I love your version of it!

  5. Adrienne, it's GORGEOUS! I love watching her Midnight Quilt Shiw, but I have difficulty sitting still, and haven't viewed this one, yet. But I'll have a month of down time as I make my way to Tx for the winter, and plan on catching up!

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