Wednesday 3 April 2013

WiP Wednesday: The one with pin cushions

Welcome to Wednesday! This week I had a hankering for pin cushions. Now I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I don’t have a pincushion! Because I travel so much I tend to keep my pins in this tin

Now I am sure I am breaking some rule by doing this, but it works. However I want a cute pincushion, so yesterday I got to work. The original plan was to make paper pieced Monogram cushions. One turned out ok, but then things started to go south and I am not sure why. So I stepped back from the machine, had a good night’s sleep and this morning I said to myself “self, keep it simple”. I ended up piecing tiny log cabins.

I used 1 inch strips to build the cabin. Pretty crazy at the beginning with tiny chain piecing, but once they started to get a little bigger it was so much fun!

They are so friggin cute that I made five. I need to buy some crushed shells for the filling and then they will be on hand, one for me, and the rest for gifts.  

April is also here so that means getting to work on bee blocks etc. I am Queen Bee of one of the hives in Stash Bee this month (so cool!) and I chose the Japanese x and + block. Here is the sample one that I made. I cannot wait for the blocks to come in from my bee mates J you can find the tutorial for this block here; it was super fun to put together.

For the second hive I sew for, the April block is Road to Oklahoma. I really liked this block, and am thinking about making more. If you would like to try it, you can find the tutorial here.

I also put the April block together for the Sugar Block Club. Some good paper piecing action. Here is this month’s

And the four so far. I really like the look so far (please excuse terribly lit picture!)

The Project List – sorry folks, you can skip this part if you want, but I need to keep myself on track J
  • Stash Bee - all up to date
  • Sugar Block Club - all up to date
  • Creative Pay it Forward – 1 finished, 4 started, 1 thought about
  • Fresh Mini Quilt Club – March completed, April not started
  • Postage Stamps: DONE
  • Foreign Currency: DONE
  • Squint: Top half done DONE
  • Ascend: Cutting started
  • Baby Quilt for a friend: Not started Top done, needs basting & quilting
  • Flower Chain: Not started
  • UFO Bento Box: Top and back done, needs quilting
  • UFO Happy Retro: Top half done

That’s it! I am linking up today at Freshly Pieced.
Thanks for stopping by
ps - you know I cannot resist sharing a fur baby pic. Penny loves thread, and sewing in general


  1. What a cute fur "helper." Nice blocks. I like the aqua-yellow color scheme.

  2. Your tiny log cabins are insane! I love the idea but it seems like craziness to sew things that small. The end result though is fabulous.

    1. I thought I was crazy as well. I have never done anything so small. But after the first couple of go arounds it was not so bad and I knew it would be quick. I would NEVER do a quilt this way!

  3. Love the colours you have chosen. My cat is not bothered by the process of sewing. He only becomes interested in the sleeping on clean quilts I am about to post off to relatives. Preferably ones who have cat allergies.

    1. the pictures I did not post are the ones where Penny is sitting on the finished blocks as I try to take pictures. But her favorite thing is to sit behind the machine and "attack" things as they come through the machine. Fun stuff!

  4. So many wonderful blocks! Thanks for sharing.